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Arizona Termites – Need to Know, Home-Saving, Money-Saving Facts

Termites are more dangerous than any other insect or pest that disturbs homeowners in any part of the world.

There are roughly 2,300 species of termites worldwide. Most of them dwell in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. The temperate regions also accommodate some species.

The desert subterranean, western dry wood, arid land subterranean and damp desert wood are the species of termites dominating Arizona. This state in one of the most active domains of subterranean termites in North America. Their huge presence in this area worries the residents a lot. They can destroy the foundation of your Gilbert home in just a few years.

The subterranean termites are more prevalent and destructive than any other species in Arizona. They are noted for the damage they cause to multi-billion dollar building projects in this area. It’s very hard to identify them until their infestation becomes significant and cause damage to the wooden element of a house.

Dry wood termites can spread very fast in a home and consume dry wood from inside to outside. They can multiply and form colony without making any contact with the soil. They eat wood and also feed on any cellulose materials like paper, clothes, etc.

On the other hand, damp wood termites strictly live on woods. They are found in damp areas of the house where water leakages make the wood wet.

Arid land subterranean termites naturally occur in deserts where they attack creosote and green wood bushes as well as building and other timbers structures. They are also present in moist regions like rivers, lowlands and along streams and canyons.

In general, termites are prevalent in Arizona. There are approximately 3-5 termites colonies per acre of land in this region.

It’s important to note that a colony constitutes more than 100,000 termites. If this should be calculated, there will be over 500,000 termites in this region; this is huge.Termites are more disastrous than a catastrophic event like earthquake and tornadoes. Repairing damages caused by them can cost thousands and more amount of dollars. Their destruction is not limited to wood, sensitive paperwork, photographs are some other material they can destroy.

There are two major schools of thought on the main reason termites invades a home. The first school of thought identified nature as the primary reason behind the invasion.

On the other hand, the termite infestation in most homes is believed to be caused by some elements that are attractive to them.

These viewpoints can be real. These insects primarily attack homes to search for food and feed on them. The closed doors and windows do not limit these attacks. They can enter through the tiniest crack of a house. Swarms is a typical sign of infestation.

Thousands of young termites fly out of their nest to search for a mate and new homes. They fly in tightly packed clouds for a short time before dropping their wings and moving to a new location.

Termite can also attack a house through a mud tunnel which is made from debris, wood and small pieces of soil. Dry wood termites enter forest through the weak joints works around their corners. Creating artificial barriers by using chemicals below the ground can help to handle termite attacks. Identifying cracks and sealing them can contribute to the prevention of termite attacks.

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