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Roof Rats

Finding or suspecting rats in your home can be an unpleasant experience! Magic Pest Control specializes in rat extermination and quickly responds to any type of rat encounter. We respond to signs of rats such as droppings and rustling noises in your home or business. We’ll take the necessary steps to locate and remove the unwanted visitors from your property!

Roof rats are commonly found in Phoenix and the surrounding areas because of their attraction to citrus trees and vegetation. They’ll eat and chew anything, infest attics and breed quickly. If you suspect that roof rats are infesting your home, call us for immediate assistance before they multiply and the situation worsens. Not only is rat infestation unsettling, it’s unsafe and unsanitary. They pose a health risk and can create structural and electrical damage.

Rat Removal: Magic Pest Controls qualified pest-control technicians expertly deal with rat infestation using the most-effective equipment and techniques. Rats can detect poison and chew through traps. Our baiting strategy and trapping system outsmart rats. We use the right bait and know exactly where to position our state-of-the-art traps. We remove trapped rats from your home or business and apply the proper preventative treatments as well as offer tips on how to prevent their return.


Magic Pest Control is an expert pest-control company that offers mice extermination in valley wide . We can control mice infestation for homes, condos, apartment complexes and commercial properties. Whether you suspect mice intrusion or have encountered one, we’ll immediately take care of the problem.

House Mouse: If you find one house mouse in your home, it’s not uncommon for others to be festering as well. Mice are small rodents and can fit through the smallest holes and crevices. They can live and breed in the attic, floorboards, walls, furniture and kitchen cabinets. In search of food and water, a mouse will only travel between 10 and 30 feet. Mice easily adapt and can quickly increase in numbers. We’ll devise a mouse-control and removal program based on your unique situation.

Mouse Control: We’ll promptly arrive at your home and inspect areas suspected of infestation. We’ll examine signs of mice such as eaten food, droppings or chewed electrical cords or furniture. Managing your infestation includes baiting and trapping mice. Because mice become pros at navigating their environment, they must be properly removed to ensure that they don’t make their way back into your home. We make sure that our mouse-control techniques and exclusion methods are safely executed. Not only do we remove rodents, we do it with your health and safety in mind.

Roof Rats and Mice Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Have Roof Rats?

You might notice droppings around your property, especially near any citrus trees. You might also notice noises in the night, especially in the walls for attic, as roof rats are nocturnal. Finally, you might notice fruit on the ground that has been completely hollowed out.

How Do I Get Rid of Roof Rats?

Call in an expert to get rid of roof rats. These pests have recently invaded all of the East Valley, particularly Gilbert, and are incredibly difficult to get rid of. The breed insatiably, and even if you’ve gotten rid of a few roof rats in your area, their are not doubt nests full of a whole new generation ready to invade your home.

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