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The best way to keep cockroaches out of your home is to stay clean. There are five different species of cockroach living in Arizona and they all prefer trash as harborage. The five most common species of cockroaches have been living in Arizona for decades. While these roaches have some similarities, there are important differences that impact Magic Pest Control’s approach to treatment. Below is a list of cockroaches that Magic Pest Control has gathered information on regarding their specific size, color and harborage for your knowledge.

Magic Pest Control is trained to specifically identify these five species of roaches to ensure an efficient treatment is applied. Cockroach infestations require the proper know how to ensure that the population’s reproduction cycle is broken. Identification is key since a proper ID will lead the technician to inspect the right places that cockroach type nests. There are instances when a service technician has a pest identification question in the field. The service managers at Magic Pest Control are some of the most respected in the state of Arizona allowing us to ensure that the proper identification is made and that an effective treatment approach is implemented while we are at your home.

What you can expect after we treat?

Unlike a regular pesticide treatment that can rid most pests instantly, it can take several months to destroy a large German infestation. This is the case with most roaches as it is difficult to break their reproductive cycle. You will notice a decrease after the first treatment, but it takes several proper treatments to get German roaches under control. Many cockroach infestations will not take as long to control. Regardless of the time it takes to obtain control, we will let you know what to expect for your specific situation.

The Magic Pest Control premium service is fully guaranteed.

Our goal is to keep the majority of unwanted pests out of your home. Each Magic Pest Control service plan is backed by a simple guarantee. If you are seeing more than an occasional live cockroach inside your home and you would like us to provide an additional exterior or interior treatment, we will come back to re-service your home free of charge.

Cockroach Control Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Cockroaches Get Into My Gilbert Home?

Cockroaches come into your home through tiny cracks, holes and spaces within the walls, foundation, windows and doors. Even large cockroaches can squeeze through a space that is one-sixteenth of an inch…that’s about the width of a credit card.

Why Do Cockroaches Come Indoors?
Cockroaches come into your home for food and shelter. You might notice that they tend to come inside more after a rainy day, and that is to protect themselves and seek out food.

What Do Cockroaches Eat?

Cockroaches eat everything, and they don’t necessarily come into your Gilbert or Phoenix home because it’s messy. Cockroaches will eat everything from sweets, meats and starches (they’re favorite foods), but will also eat hair, books and decaying matter.

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