Bird Control Gilbert / Phoenix Metro

Many people around the nation come to Arizona to see our amazing array of dessert birds They are beautiful, and yet at the same time can be a nuisance. From carrying diseases to rummaging through your home and the attic leaving droppings, to scratching through your insulation, birds can not only be costly but dangerous for your health as well. Bird control in Phoenix Metro areas is an aspect of pest control that Magic Pest is extremely familiar with.

Magic Pest Control offers a number of different solutions to your pigeon, crow, swallow, sparrow or starling problem including: Clean up: Removing solid material including pigeon droppings, nests, eggs, etc Clean and disinfect the nesting and roosting sights to handle potential health concerns as well as discourage re infestation. Clean up is paramount in bird pest control as to clear up any lingering diseases that might be left in bird droppings.

We offer FREE inspections for home and business bird control!

Magic Pest Control will determine the best and most effective pigeon control program for your needs. Trust the professionals at Magic Pest Control to specialize a treatment that will control and rid birds of your home or building structure.

Magic Pest Control offers professional installation of Bird-B-Gone products, preventing pigeons from nesting and roosting at the treatment sights. These items including products:

  • Bird Spike – Prevents Birds from nesting / roosting on ledges, roof peaks, I-beams and sills.
  • Bird Jolt FlatTrack – Low profile electric and mild electric ‘jolt’ changing birds landing habits in a safe and humane way.
  • Bird Shock Track – Low profile electric and mild electric ‘jolt’ changing birds landing habits in a safe and humane way.
  • Bird Netting – Most permanent, low visibility solution for bird control problems ideal for warehouses, eaves, hangars, signs, etc.
  • Bird Wire – Provides unstable landing area for pigeons and large birds ideal for ledges, sills, and surfaces where birds have been temporarily nesting.
  • Bird Slope – Creates a “slippery slope” for birds keeping them from landing and roosting! Ideal for ledges, eaves, beams and other 90 degree areas.

Bird Control Frequently Asked Questions

Are birds like pigeons dangerous to my family’s health?

Pigeons can, in fact, be dangerous to your health. Pigeon’s are often called flying rats, and for good reason. They have been known to spread disease. Pigeon droppings can contain a great many illnesses.

How do birds get into my home?

Just like scorpions, snakes and spiders, birds find the smallest of holes and cracks to get into your attic, roof or walls. Birds are most often found in the attics and roofs of Arizona homes, especially older ones, where the roof might overhang and create an enclosed space, or where the roof does not perfectly connect to the home. Bird control is crucial when these pests have invaded your attic.

Can we get rid of the birds without harming them?

Yes, absolutely. Bird control with Magic Pest Control is done in the most humane way possible. With Bird Slopes to keep birds from landing on the roof, to Bird Netting to keep birds out of the attic, we can use a number of humane and non-invasive methods to keep birds out of your home.


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