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Cimex lectularius is scientific name for Bed Bug. Unfortunately you will never find just one of these parasites. Where there is one there are many close by. Magic Pest Control is the complete exterminator provider for AZ. Trust the professionals at Magic Pest Control to rid your home, building structure and furniture of these bloodsuckers.

Bed bugs are an especially worrisome type of pest not only because of their preference for feeding on human blood, but also because of their ability to multiply quite rapidly, which can quickly turn a single incident into a full-blow infestation. Beg bugs are quite small and flat in appearance, which helps them to avoid detection. Often the first sign will be itchy bites on your skin, small blood stains on your bed sheets or dark spots from their droppings around your bed area. Some people have even reported having allergic reactions to bites, making the presence of bed bugs not only a nuisance but a health risk.

Making matters worse, females can lay between 1 to 12 eggs per day totaling hundreds over their lifetime, which means that by the time you’ve identified that you have a problem the infestation is probably already widespread and will require professional help to eliminate.

  • There has been a rise in bed bug infestations in Phoenix AZ due to the fact that the old synthetic pesticides used are no longer taking an effect on the new breed of bed bugs. The only way to get rid of them is by keeping as clean as possible.
  • Bed Bugs are nocturnal creatures meaning they come out at night. Since they are blood-sucking creatures they will feed at night.
  • Be sure to check your mattress for any bed bug infestations that are otherwise looked over. Remember when buying a new mattress to inspect it of any bed bug infestation. Vacuum the mattress and clean it. Remember to check the box spring on which the mattress rests.
  • Taking furniture apart, such as drawers from cabinets to inspect if there are bed bugs, is also the fastest way in finding the culprit to the infestation.
  • Bed bugs in Phoenix AZ can also be found behind baseboards and carpet stays. The edge of the carpet and where the ceiling and walls meet, as well as behind crevices such as light switches and other appliances, are a great hiding spot for these pests.
  • If you find bed bugs in your home or bites on your body, make sure to call the professionals at Magic Pest Control.

Bed Bug Frequently Asked Questions

When are Bed Bugs Most Active?

Bed bugs are most active when you’re least active….usually during the evening hours. We find that bed bugs are most active between the hours of 3am and 6am.

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How Do They Get in My Home?

Bed bugs usually end up in your home by hitching a ride in your luggage. When you travel be sure to check your hotel room for bed bugs.

How Do I Keep Bed Bugs Out of My Home?

You can prevent bed bugs from entering your home, with the right prevention measures. Those include checking any second-hand furniture you buy, checking hotel rooms while traveling, unpacking luggage in the garage and taking it straight to the washer, frequent vacuuming, frequent cleaning.

If I Have Bed Bugs, How Do I Get Rid of Them?

If you have bed bugs in your Phoenix Metro home, you can attempt to get rid of them yourself, but we’d highly suggest you simply call our bed bug exterminators immediately.

Getting rid of bed bugs on your own involves careful planning, time-lining your extermination process,  and long-term monitoring. Just call us.

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