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Arizona is known to have many types of mosquito species. Let the professionals at Magic Pest Control take care of your mosquito problem. Our pest control specialists will diagnose exactly what mosquito species infested your yard or building structure. Once the diagnosis is complete, the specialists at Magic Pest Control will apply the best mosquito control solution to completely rid mosquitoes and their nests from your home or building structure, garden and, or lawn.

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Here are some quick tips:

The main ways to avoid mosquito bites and better protect against mosquito-transmitted diseases include:

Mosquitoes are capable of spreading an array of diseases, some potentially fatal, including West Nile virus. West Nile virus has traditionally been the most significant mosquito-borne illness in the U.S. However, we remind people that other mosquito-borne illnesses also pose a threat to human health.

Asian tiger mosquitoes, an invasive species native to Asia, can now be found in most areas of the country and are potential vectors of Chikungunya virus and dengue. Unlike most mosquito species native to the U.S., Asian tiger mosquitoes typically feed during daylight, as opposed to at dusk and dawn. And travelers who become infected with these illnesses while abroad should take extra precautions to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes after they return home, in order to prevent the spread of tropical illnesses in U.S. mosquito populations.

Homeowners should be particularly vigilant against West Nile virus as summer comes to a close. Mosquitoes remain active until the temperature falls below 60 degrees— well into fall.

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