How to Get Rid of American Roaches?

The American roach is also called a “waterbug”, the “Bombay Canary”, and the “Palmettobug”. Despite its name, this roach is not native to North America but was probably introduced via ships from Africa.

Although these roaches are found in residences, they are much more common in larger commercial buildings such as restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, food processing plants, hospitals, etc., where they usually infest food-storage and food preparation areas, basements, and steam tunnels.

During summer months, they can be found outdoors in yards and alleys. American Cockroach is the most common species found in city sewer systems.

Cockroaches are quite common in Arizona, throughout the Phoenix-metro, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Queen Creek.

Our pest control professionals will make sure to keep these pests out of your home and off of your property.

Arizona Cockroach Frequently Asked Questions

Are cockroaches dangerous?

No, cockroaches are not dangerous in the fact that they do not carry venom and will not bite you. However, cockroaches here in the Phoenix Metro area carry many diseases which can be extremely detrimental to you overall health.

Where do Cockroaches hide?

Cockroaches are nocturnal, and prefer to hide in dark, damp places, which is why the Phoenix sewers are a cockroach haven.

Can Arizona Cockroaches fly?

The American cockroach, which is what we have here in the Phoenix are, including Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Queen Creek, does have wings and, if startled, can fly very short distances.

What do Cockroaches eat?

Arizona cockroaches will eat nearly anything. Although they are carnivorous, they will also eat any type of decaying matter, books, even hair.

How do I get rid of Cockroaches?

The best thing that you can do to get rid of cockroaches is not to have them in the first place. Once you have cockroaches in your Gilbert or Mesa home, they can be extremely resilient. You can use glue traps and work on sealing your home, as well as keeping it clean, but your best bet is to call a Magic Pest Control exterminator.

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