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You may have noticed around your garden and home that during the winter months, that there seem to be fewer insects! Although some of the pests do move to warmer climates, some spend the winter in hibernation in anticipation of the warm weather. This is because insects are cold-blooded animals that need to conserve their energy during the frigid winter months. You must not let your guard down thinking they have gone forever; you need to intensify your pest control management.

When the temperature drops and before the snow begins to fall, pests start to look for a warm place to stay during the cold weather. Unfortunately, their new preferred location is the cozy and warm part of your home. So which pests are trying to invade the free space in your home to beat the winter cold! Below are some the pests you need to consider when making your winter pest control plan.



The only place in the world where termites are active throughout the year long is in Florida and other hot regions. They are likely to want to go deep into the soil when it’s cold outside their natural habitat. They tend to invade your house because survival is possible in your home – Dry wood and subterranean termites are capable of defying the slight cold that your walls and foundation retain because it’s not cold enough to keep them away. You need to be extra vigilant to eliminate their threats. A boric acid monitor will lure and kill them. When In large quantities, you need an expensive pest control tools. A professional can also be brought in into the picture at that point.


The cold slows down ants activities. It is a major reason why they tend to hibernate during the winter months in trees or underground. Nevertheless, if they can find warmth in your home, you would find yourself with an infestation of ants eager to survive the cold weather. When they are in small proportion, an insecticide can take care of them, but with large populations, an insecticide may not be sufficient. You may need to hire the service of an exterminator to rid the ants if they are marching in a quantity that goes beyond two by two.


Spiders are by far the most common pest that causes problems in Arizona homes in winter, and aside from filling all cracks in your home, there aren’t as many precautions you can take for preventative pest control for spiders (arachnids). They string messy webs all over the places. Spiders deserve a special pest control consideration because some of them bite and are poisonous.

Mice and Rats

The pests already discussed above are all insects but not only insects can invade your home in the winter. You must be prepared to spread you pest control tentacle to accommodate Rodents such as Mice and Rats too. These warm-blooded animals want to enjoy the food and heat that your cozy home can provide. They can chew through different materials. Hence, it’s easy for them to gain access into your home. They can destroy wood and other materials in your house. You should be aware that they breed rapidly, this makes infestation quite easy. The moment one succeeded in entering your home, boom! You are already a host to a multitude of this pest. This is even true during winter since some mice mate throughout the entire year. Poison and baited traps work best to exterminate these creatures, but for more serious rodent problems, these winter pests in Arizona may need an exterminator to eliminate all of them successfully.

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