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Arizona Dust Storms and Pest Control

Scorpion Control Gilbert

Just the other day the East Valley, including Gilbert, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek and Chandler were hit with a nice little dust storm followed by a monsoon storm…

Rain, lightening and thunder pounded the East Valley for about an hour, and then left us humid and hot.

If you’ve lived in Arizona for any length of time, you know that dust storms not only bring Valley Fever and allergies, but pests seeking shelter.

Dust storms are quite often followed by monsoon rain and torrential downpours. So, Arizona pests have adapted to this monsoon season…by invading your home.

Scorpions and spiders are seeking shelter in your home…within the walls of your home…within the attic of your home…and when you least expect it these scorpions and other pests are also seeking food…exploring your home for dinner.

So, what can you do to secure your home before the next dust storm and monsoon downpour hits? How about a full home sealing…

Magic Pest Control caulks and seals all vulnerable areas around your home or business structure and window seals. It is imperative that your home is sealed properly, as these little critters can come through a crack as thin as your credit card!

  • Seal exterior base of home where weep screed and stem wall meet with a clear silicone caulking.
  • Seal overhang area where freeze boards meet with a clear silicone caulking.
  • Re-screen any open breather holes at overhang.
  • Seal exterior light fixtures, AC lines, water spigot and thresholds etc. with a clear silicone caulking.
  • Seal garage walls where stem wall and sheet-rock meet.
  • Seal exterior and interior mechanical rooms.
  • Screen exhaust fans located in bathrooms and laundry room with nylon screening.
  • Seal between air duct and drywall behind air vents with clear silicone caulking.
  • Seal interior kitchen and bathroom pipes, toilet fixtures and showerheads needed.
  • Touch-up weather-stripping on exterior doors. (We do not do complete weather-stripping jobs)
  • Screen window weep-holes as needed.
  • Place smaller screening on garage air vents.
  • Seal and dust block fence.
  • Seal the underside of door frames
  • Dust all cracks and crevices prior to sealing.
  • Place insect monitors in the garage.
  • Power spray exterior.
  • Granulate perimeter and/or yard.
  • Dust & seal around plumbing under cabinets.
  • Dust exterior wall voids via switch plates.
  • Dust cabinet false bottoms.

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