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Arizona Block Wall Fencing and Scorpions


When our Gilbert pest control experts visit your home, we spend a great deal of time spraying and dusting every square inch of the house.

We make sure to hit every curve and corner, both inside and out.

Our pest control professionals will also use a mirror to check beneath your home for foundation cracks and holes…the entrance points to many Arizona pests, particularly scorpions.

But, the area of your home that is probably most infested with scorpions is probably not in or on your home…

It’s the block wall fencing surrounding your property.

Scorpions love our Arizona block wall fences. And when I say love, I meant LOVE.

Today, let’s take a look at our Gilbert block wall fencing, why it’s so inviting to scorpions (and black widows), and how to get rid of pests that love to live there.

Arizona Block Wall Fencing and Scorpions

Gilbert Block Wall Fencing

I have never, in all of my years living in Arizona, working as a firefighter, and visiting homes on pest control jobs, seen a Gilbert block wall fence that was completely sealed.

Block wall fences have cracks. They have joints that aren’t sealed. They have layers that are missing mortar.

These block wall fences might look beautiful in our Gilbert neighborhoods, but they are the perfect hiding and living spaces for all kinds of pests…particularly scorpions.

When we come to your Gilbert home, we focus a great deal of our attention on these block wall fences. We dust every single nook and cranny of these fences.

We hit the corners of the fences on the edge of your property, all the way around to where the fence meets your home. We dust all columns where the mortar usually doesn’t seal the bricks perfectly and there are cracks. We dust all spaces between blocks that were not sealed properly.

When we hit your block wall fencing, we hit it hard.

Why do Scorpions Love Block Wall Fences?

Because they are secluded, dark, shaded form the harsh sun, and usually full of food.

They can easily get into the fencing through the unsealed spaces, and move through the blocks where the mortar is not perfectly sealed.

How Do I Prevent Them From Getting In?

Seal your Gilbert block wall fencing with common caulking. Take a weekend and walk the fence line, both front and back. It’s going to take a lot of caulking, but if you can seal even the areas closest to your home you will keep scorpions away.

Of course, you can always call in your Magic Pest Control experts to seal your home from scorpions with our scorpion sealing packages….

Areas of Gilbert that have a coat of paint or sealant on the block wall fencing usually won’t see as many scorpions living in those fences. Unless there are cracks in the paint, scorpions won’t be able to get into the blocks if they’re covered with pain.
If you are seeing an influx of scorpions this season, don’t wait any longer to call in our pest control professionals to your Gilbert home! If they’re in your block wall fencing, they will soon be in your home.


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