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Are you inviting termites into your home?

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The home is one of the biggest investments that most people have, and a termite infestation can quickly eat away at the value of this investment. This is why preventing termite damage is so important, and a major part of preventing such damage is knowing what attracts termites to a property.

What attracts termites outdoors

Termites are attracted to wood, and for most species, the wood has to be dead and high in moisture content. This means that they will be drawn to several wooden items in your backyard.

One of these main draws is the firewood pile. Firewood is often left out in the elements and in contact with the ground. This raises the humidity levels of the wood pile both from the rain, and from the ground, and contact with ground makes the wood more accessible to subterranean termites. If the firewood pile is also close to the home, the odds of a home infestation grow even higher.

Another big draw for termites is mulch. Mulch is often used by gardeners, but it is ultimately dead wood that will likely reach very high levels of humidity. On top of that, the wood is in direct contact with the surface of the earth, so termite workers will have an easy time gaining access to it. If the garden is then also close to the home, it won’t take long for an infestation to start.

Finally, you have to be careful about tree stumps. Tree stumps are large pieces of dead wood partially submerged in the ground, and the role of termites in nature is to make sure that this type of wood is removed.

What attracts termites indoors

Inside the home, termites will be attracted to the same type of wood that is high in moisture. Sometimes, the humidity levels in the home can create the optimal condition for an infestation, and other times, there may be a leaky pipe or a clogged gutter that provides the right conditions. Furthermore, there are termites, such as the drywood termites, which are drawn to drywood, and these termites can start an infestation at any level of the home, including the attic. These infestations are more dangerous because they can often go unnoticed for a very long time.

If you have any questions about why termite infestations start or how they are removed, or if you have an infestation that needs to be controlled, contact us today.

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