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An Arachnophobic Man’s Terrified Screams And Profane Shouts Over A Spider He Found In His Home Nearly Gets Him Arrested


While the world is full of people who suffer from arachnophobia, not all sufferers respond to the physical presence of a frightening-looking spider in the same way. For example, some people freeze upon finding a nearby spider while others literally cannot help but to reflexively scream when spotting an unwanted arachnid. Considering the fact that most experts claim that spiders are largely harmless to humans, as well as the fact that most arachnophobes are aware that their own fear of spiders is not at all rational, you would think that such a fear could be controlled well enough to at least approach a spider with a wad of kleenex in order to flush it down the toilet. But, many arachnophobes are not even able to do this; instead, they rely on a friend or relative to dispose of the hideous arachnid specimen for them.

For arachnophobes, having one of these helpers on hand is important when a spider is spotted crawling around within their home, but how do such people respond to house spiders when no such helper is available? For one arachnophobic man who found a spider within his home, the answer to this question happened to entail screaming and shouting profane words in a desperate attempt to kill the invading spider that had been responsible for causing his fear-induced panic attack. Obviously, pedestrians that had been outside his home overheard his tantrum, which prompted one of them to contact the police out of concern for the man’s safety, as it sounded as though the man was being pursued by a murderer.

After an individual heard the man scream the words, “why don’t you die?” The individual called the cops, as he believed that the man was being attacked. This meant that the frightened homeowner was forced to explain that his screams resulted from his cowardice in dealing with an unwanted spider pest that frightened him. However, the man probably emphasized that the spider had been really big and super-scary.

Have you ever screamed in response to spotting a spider or insect within your home?





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