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Amazing Time-Lapse Video of Termites Building Tube

Termite tubes are an indicator of a bigger problem building in and around your home.

These tubes, constructed of soil and feces, provide termites with a covert way in which to enter cracks and crevices in the home.

Many homeowners mistakenly destroy these tubes with the intent of keeping termites out of the home. However, these resourceful pests can re-build a tube in a day or two, continuing their search for food and water, which can often be found in your home.

We have something incredibly exciting to share with you today. Of course, this kind of stuff is exciting to us because it allows us to share with you the efficiency and truly remarkable capabilities of termites….and how quickly they can invade your home…

I also want to share with you some additional information on termites, and what you need to do when you spot them:

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