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It’s Always Termite Season

When it comes to termites there is no one specific season termites come out. Other than subterranean termites who tend to swarm during the spring and summer when it is warm out, termites will take over and invade your home regardless of the weather.

The reason for termites being year round is because different species of termites prefer different weather conditions. For example there are some termites that like to swarm right after a rainfall, there are some that prefer a little dampness, and there are some that prefer the dryness.

So, the type of termites that swarm and invade your house will all depend on what season it is and what the weather is like. However, because there are different species of termites that prefer different climates, that means that the time between termites swarming could be a matter of just a few weeks, a few days, or the time of day.

This is especially true for Gilbert, seeing as, we have hot, dry weather, but than because of monsoon season we have months when we have humid weather, causing moisture, along with the moisture from the rain fall.

It's Always Termite Season
It’s Always Termite Season

Even though there is no real termite season, termites tend to be less active in the winter. However, with keeping your house warm and cozy in the winter, you are creating a pretty inviting environment for the termites, so don’t be surprised if you see some small termite action in your house in the winter.

One thing to note about termites is that since they can come and swarm and invade and damage your home all year round, you want to try and keep an eye out for any visible tunnels they may have created. However, because termites tend to eat and work their way from the inside out, it may be awhile before you notice that you have a termite problem.

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