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A Swarm Of Bees Killed Four Puppies And Stung A Mother And A Daughter Outside Of Their Glendale Home

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A Swarm Of Bees Killed Four Puppies And Stung A Mother And A Daughter Outside Of Their Glendale Home

Arizona may contain some picturesque mountain views and hiker-friendly desert trails, but unfortunately, Africanized honey bees (AKA killer bees) become particularly abundant within the state during the summer months. Every year a few lives are lost to killer bees in Arizona and numerous hospitalizations result from their attacks. According to one pest control expert in Arizona, it is normal to receive around ten calls per day during the summer months concerning bee removal, but during 2015, he was receiving up to sixty bee removal calls per day. This particular year saw an abundance of killer bees due to the wet and warm climate during the previous winter. It is also common for killer bees to attack dogs, as 2015 also saw at least three dogs killed by the super aggressive bees in just one week. However, not all bee-related hospitalizations are due solely to killer bees, as normal honey bees can also pose a danger to residents. In fact, bees are more dangerous than snakes in Arizona. The normal bee season is between mid March and September in Arizona, and last year saw a particularly high rate of bee-related calls to pest control professionals and extension offices. Last year on March 15th, the first day of bee season in Arizona, bees had already killed four puppies in the yard of a Glendale home.

Esther Julian was speaking on the phone within her Glendale home when she heard her four 8 week old pitbull puppies crying in her backyard. Upon inspection, Julian found that her dogs were being attacked by a swarm of bees. Sadly, Julian felt hesitant to lure the bees away, as she thought that they would swarm into the house where her two young children were playing. However, the bees swarmed indoors anyway, at which point Julian and her two kids ran for cover at a nearby cemetery. Julian and her daughter both sustained at least one bee sting each, but her four dogs died in the attack and another went missing. Luckily, one of her new puppies managed to survive the attack.

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