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A Phoenix Man Pleads Guilty To Child Abuse After Leaving His Infant Alone In Cockroach Infested Conditions


A Phoenix Man Pleads Guilty To Child Abuse After Leaving His Infant Alone In Cockroach Infested Conditions

The world is full of less than stellar parents who pay little heed to their role as child-care providers. Child abuse comes in many forms, such as neglect, physical abuse and verbal abuse. As it happens, neglect can be one of the most egregious of all parenting transgressions, especially when the child being neglected is a two year old. A recent case of extreme and criminal neglect of a two year old occurred in Phoenix last week. This case saw a father leave his two year old son alone for a long period of time within their cockroach infested home. Once police arrived at the home, they could not believe the filthy and altogether inhumane conditions that the child had been exposed to, alone, no less.

A north Phoenix man, Jesus Andres Garcia, has been put on probation after he pleaded guilty to child abuse charges. To make this man’s act of child negligence seem all the more nefarious, it must be mentioned that the two year old was found covered in feces while being surrounded by massive amounts of roaches. Considering that roaches gravitate toward feces, the helpless and fecal-contaminated child was probably harassed or even bitten by numerous roaches regularly within his home.

Since cockroaches are not shy about jumping right into feces, the insects can spread disease-causing bacteria from feces to humans. While it is not common for people to fall ill from disease due to acquiring cockroach pathogens, the two year old boy’s situation is unique, as he shared a close and unsanitary indoor environment with massive amounts of roaches. The particularly cluttered and unsanitary conditions that the child had been found in helped to facilitate the spread of dangerous pathogens around an inclosed indoor area. In addition to being heavily contaminated with fecal matter, the home’s air conditioning had been turned off, but the air conditioning worked fine when police turned it on. The resulting high heat and high humidity within the trash and dung-infested home made the home’s indoor environment ideal for cockroaches. Luckily, the boy is being taken care of at the moment, and he will likely not develop any serious long-term medical consequences, despite his prolonged mistreatment.

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