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A Massive Swarm Of Angry Bees Descended Upon A Group Of More Than 200 School Children, And This Is A Frequent Occurrence


A Massive Swarm Of Angry Bees Descended Upon A Group Of More Than 200 School Children, And This Is A Frequent Occurrence

Insect life in Africa can be dangerous to humans, and this is especially true of the continent’s native bee species. The Africanized honey bee, for example, is commonly referred to as the “killer bee” and they are responsible for numerous attacks on individuals and crowds of people in Africa, South America, and North America, including the southwest US. There are numerous other airborne venomous insects in Africa that pose a threat to outdoor crowds, and it is for this reason that parents and teachers in the African country of Ghana are concerned about the lack of indoor school facilities. Believe it or not, but government officials in Ghana claim to not have enough money to fund the building of schools, so many children are forced to take instruction entirely outdoors. Due to the proliferation of these “outdoor schools,” a rash of dangerous bee swarms have repeatedly descended upon large groups of students and teachers within the country.

Over 200 students at one particular outdoor school in Ghana are completely at the mercy of venomous insect swarms. Bee swarms have descended upon the students numerous times. The 200 students that attend this outdoor school live in the Bongo district of northern Ghana. This district contains a village that the natives refer to as “goo,” and the government has been accused of neglecting the safety of these villagers by refusing to have adequate school buildings constructed in the village. Running for the nearest form of shelter upon spotting a bee swarm has become a regular habit among the 200 students. Most of the time, these forms of shelter are nothing more than large rocks and other inadequate forms of shelter. One particular bee swarm had students running into nearby homes and brave teachers hovering over students to prevent them from being attacked by the bees. The government has acknowledged the existence of the bee threat, but are doing nothing about it for the time being. Needless to say, student performance at the school is suffering as a result.

Do you think that future bee swarms could take the lives of children and/or teachers within the Bongo district?



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