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How to Prevent Termites from Destroying Your Home

Radial blur, Group of termite are eating wood
There are so many benefits to living in Chandler, AZ. Many people love the area. One major drawback, however, is that pests in the region can be annoying. Termite control, for example, is necessary in the area because termites are quite prevalent.

Potentially damaging your home (resulting in costly repairs) it is best to keep termites away and to prevent their destructive habits from wreaking havoc in your home and yard.
Prevent termites from destroying your home by:
Removing Debris that Attracts the Pests
Termites absolutely love wood. Old stumps, logs, and even mulch draws these pests in droves. If the soil near your home is littered with wood or you have exposed wood left available, you can expect to have termites come by to check the place out.
They’ll move in if they can create a nest nearby and find quiet, undisturbed areas to do their dirty work in. Remove exposed wood, uproot stumps, and store wood like firewood or mulch away from your house.
Preventing Water from Being Left Available to Termites
Like any living thing, termites need water to survive. They also happen to really enjoy moist, wet areas. A stump that forms a sort of barrel, for instance, might collect rainwater. That’s like a mansion for termites.
The pests are also eager to check out leaky faucets, pipes, and pools of water (especially if they are near exposed wood…like under the floorboards.) Watch out for leaks so that you don’t have bigger problems soon.
Treating the Wood In Your Home
Wood that has been treated with chemical or sealed off is a little less appetizing to termites. Update the sealant or stain on wooden parts of the home. Focus especially on areas like porches or steps that have unused space underneath.
Quiet, often overlooked areas like those are safe havens for the pesky creatures.
Call a Professional
It is not too hard to find a termite control professional in Chandler, AZ. Hire one to come out to your home occasionally. The professional can identify any trouble areas that are especially appealing and treat them with chemicals to ward off termites.
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