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5 Must-Know Termite Control Tips

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One of the reasons why termites are one most destructive pests is because they are active round the year. Essentially, you don’t have to prepare your defenses against these pests that chew any wooden structure they come across. Where’s termite prevention and control are daunting tasks; several DIY tips can help you guard your home against termites.

Read on to learn some essential tips you can apply to keep termites away from your home.

1. Inspect the Foundation Regularly

When termites invade your home’s foundation, they have disastrous impacts. Inspecting the foundation after every season should help you keep termites away. The inspection you make helps you detect infestation signs to come up with the most appropriate treatment and prevention plan.

2. Keep Your House Well Ventilated and Sealed

Moisture is an essential factor that attracts termites into your home. To control moisture and keep termites away, you must ensure that your home remains appropriately ventilated and sealed. The most notorious areas are the basements and attics.

When condensation builds up and seeps into wooden structures, it creates the right atmosphere for termites. Keeping taps, pipes, faucets, and any other leaky elements properly sealed will keep your house moisture-free and termites away.

3. Use Baits or Preventative Treatments on Termites in Your Yard

How often do you inspect your yard for termite infestation? Once termites get into your yard, they will find an easy way to your house, and this is the last thing you would wish to happen. Whenever you notice signs of termites in your yard, use baits to keep them away.

Termite bait stations repel these pests, keep them away from your house, and eventually destroy their shelter before they spread to cause a lot of damage.

4. Avoid Keeping Wooden Piles Near the House

If you want termites to get into your house quickly, continue keeping piles of wood near your house. It is easy for these pests to crawl in the woods to enter your house. So, why give them the springboard to your home by keeping pieces of wood near your home?

While there are numerous termites control methods you can adopt, ensuring that piles of wood are a distance away is a recommended DIY termite control trick.

5. Protect Structures

Termites are fond of sheltering in wooden structures. So, to prevent them from invading the woods and trees around your home, consider using a repellent termiticide. You can apply this pesticide around fences, decks, sheds, and any other significant hiding places for termites.  This simple DIY termite control trick helps to keep termites away from destroying your compound.


DIY termite control measures are necessary and affordable ways to control and prevent termite infestation. However, while these tricks work, you may need to engage a professional expert in termites control if you want to get these pesky creatures off your home for good. The right professional termite control expert will install measures to keep termites from accessing your house in the future. Do not hesitate to call a termite control professional any time you see signs of termite infestation in your home.

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