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When Termites Can Be Beneficial

Radial blur, Group of termite are eating wood

When Termites Can Be Beneficial

When focusing on termites for pest control in Gilbert, AZ, the first thought for most homeowners is getting rid of these pests as soon as possible. And it is true that they can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home and become a major headache for homeowners. However, in the natural world, termites do have some use and as a homeowner, it can be helpful to know what these benefits actually are.

Termites are referred to in the natural realm as a decomposer. It is the type of pest that breaks down the material of decomposing matter, such as plant materials for instance, and recycles it through a natural process. This, in turn, allows the material to be used again and so on as the cycle goes. Without the presence of these pests, the entire planet would be covered in plant matter that was not able to be broken down and properly disposed of as it decomposed. They do the same for other elements, such as rotting trees.

Around the home, this can be a benefit because rotting trees often attract other elements of nature; in fact, snakes, rats, field mice and other critters have been known to take residence in the hollows of trees that have rotted out. When termites come through and do their thing, these animals have to move on to other natural habitats and homeowners no longer have to contend with this kind of danger around the exterior of the home.

The key to appreciating the role termites play in nature is not avoid inadvertently inviting them into the home. This is often done by placing wood that has rotting components inside of the home, or close to the interior by placing it along exterior walls. This is where pest control in Gilbert, AZ becomes a necessity as it has now become easy – and attractive – for termites to come inside of the home. This can – and should – be avoided by eliminating any water sources around the home, removing dead wood or plants from the exterior entrances and sealing up cracks and crevices around the house.

This creates a boundary for these bugs, while still allowing them to work within the natural order of things to do the job that they were created to do. Gilbert pest control professionals can advise you on how to best navigate this process without exterior extermination needs.


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