Did You Bring Bed Bugs Home With You?

How to get rid of bedbugs in your Gilbert home? There is nothing irritating like to have bedbugs in your home especially when you always make sure that your furniture and beddings are always clean. You might have been wondering how these pests intruded into your furniture but the fact is that bedbugs are easily […]

What To Get Your Pest Control Professional This Christmas

Wondering what to get that man or woman in your life who is a pest control professional? This list may be your answer! It’s about that time of year again when shopping malls are filled with people buying gifts for loved ones hoping to spread some holiday cheer. Ah, the joy of giving, it makes […]

Do Christmas Lights Attract Bugs?

Do Christmas Lights Attract Bugs? It’s a question our pest control experts hear every once in a while this time of year. As you’re climbing on to the roof to put up your Christmas lights, you might be thinking, “Will these lights just attract more bugs and pests?” Today, let’s dive into the answer to […]

Cold Weather Pests in Arizona

Scorpion Control Gilbert

Cold Weather Pests in Arizona Just because it’s cold out…finally…doesn’t mean you can get lazy with your pest control efforts. This is the time of year when we get calls from surprised and overwhelmed clients… Clients with family coming into town who had a scorpion invade their bedroom. Clients with friends coming into town for the […]