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Summertime brings scorpions and those scorpions need a place to keep cool. So, what does that mean? Only one thing, they are looking to find anyway possible, into your home. Although these ugly looking and poisonous pests are not very well liked by many, nor given much thought, but here are some facts you may […]

Top 3 Summer Pests

Top 3 Summer Pests Summer is here and it is very hot outside, here in Gilbert, which means that there are all kinds of annoying pests crawling around trying to find a cool place to hangout and some food. Here are the top 3 pests that you may encounter during the summer season and how […]

Scorpion Sealing Your Home

Scorpion Sealing Your Home Summer is here and the temperatures keep rising. Scorpions like to take shelter in your home because they like the coolness it has to offer, as well as any areas of water you may have in or around your home. If you have had a scorpion in your home chances are […]

What’s a Termite Inspection Consist of?

What’s a Termite Inspection Consist of? When it comes to your home you want to make sure that it is free of any nasty pests and safe from any damage. This is why having a termite inspection done at least once a year on your home is important because termites will eat the wood in […]

Top Termite Damage

Top Termite Damage Termites find their way into your home and think they have found themselves a feast of wood. They will start to eat away at all the wood in your home causing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in damage, causing your home to become unsafe, and sometimes if it is really bad, unlivable. […]

Summer Termite Tips

Summer Termite Tips Termites can make their way into your house at any time and destroy your place of shelter and where you call home. Use these helpful tips to fight off these annoying pests this summer and help keep your home safe from costly damage. 1. When it comes to storing firewood and any […]

Summer DIY Pest Control Tips

Summer DIY Pest Control Tips Nasty, creepy, crawling bugs are a big NO, when it comes to having them in and around the house. If you are not one for having anything like this in your house, which who is, than follow these simple DIY pest control tips to keep these pests out and away […]

Subterranean Termites in Arizona

Subterranean Termites in Arizona All types of termites can be found throughout Arizona, the Arid-land subterranean termite, the Western dry wood termites, and Pacific damp wood termites. However, the most common type of termite is the Desert subterranean termite. These termites like to live in dead cactus and other desert plants, but they are well […]

DIY Scorpion Treatments

DIY Scorpion Treatments Although most scorpions in Gilbert are not poisonous, except for two species in particular, they can still be painful if stung by one and annoying, scary little pests. Regardless if scorpions are poisonous or not, they are a creature that you do not want anywhere in your household. So, here are a […]