How to Tell If You Have Termites

How to Tell If You Have Termites

Termites can be one of the most annoying pests out there, as well as the most costly when it comes to the damage they cause. Termites feed off of wood structures, which means that they can damage a building making it an unlivable place, by eating away at the structure so much and ruining the strength of the building. Here are a few signs to look for to tell whether or not you have termites.

1. Although termites are mostly known for eating anything wood, whether it be the structure of your home, your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or even your wood furniture, they can eat and create damage to many other materials throughout the home. For example, termites can eat through plaster and metal materials as well, which can also cause some significant damage to your home. If you start to notice tunnels that the termites have created or notice that maybe exposed wood that you may have in your house looks damaged or rotted away, you may very well have termites. At this point you will want to get a termite inspection done to see just how much damage the termites have caused, as well as if there are any safety issues with the damage they caused before trying to deal with them on your own. The termite problem may look small from the outside, but once an inspector is behind the walls and looks at the underlying problem, the damage can be much worse than expected.

2. If you happen to be dealing with subterranean termites, the damage may go unnoticeable until it is too late and the damage can be severe. The signs of subterranean termites can actually appear to be as if you have some small water damage in your home. For example, you could have buckling floors, ceiling, or other wood surfaces, and a small presence of a mildew or mold smell may be apparent. Because the signs of the damage from these termites is small and appears as water damage, you might actually have a full blown termite invasions by the time you realize you have termites, so it is best to get a termite inspection done immediately.


Scorpion First-Aide

Scorpion First-Aide

In cities like Gilbert, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, and well pretty much anywhere during the summer in Arizona, scorpions make more of an appearance then any other time of the year. With it getting so hot during the summer the scorpions are finding areas that will provide them with cool temperatures and moisture. Unfortunately, a lot of times these areas are inside your home or even in wood piles or other cool places outside your home. Because scorpions tend to appear almost transparent looking, they easily blend in with carpets and other things, making it hard for you to spot them right away. Although scorpions tend to only sting when they feel threatened, it is important that you know what to do in case you or a family member ever do get stung by a scorpion.

Scorpion First-Aide

Scorpion First-Aide

When it comes to a scorpion stinging, the amount and type of venom that they will release all depends on the size and the type of scorpion. Baby scorpions tend to release more of the neurotoxic venom due to the can not control the amount of venom the release unlike an adult scorpion who can.

So, some signs to look for if you have been stung by a scorpion are redness, pain, and warmth of the area you were stung. Do note that the bark scorpion is one of the most venomous scorpions and their venom can be highly toxic to children, so if you think or see that your child has been stung by a bark scorpion, it is best to take them to the emergency room. However, in most cases the sting will simply cause pain, a little numbness, and swelling for awhile around the stung area.

In order to keep the venom from spreading, it is important that you keep calm in order to keep your heart rate and blood pressure down. Getting too worked up can cause the venom to spread throughout your body. If for some reason the sting of the scorpion is really serious and the venom happens to spread, there is an anti-venom that a doctor can give you in order to help.

DIY Termite Treatments

DIY Termite Treatments

When it comes to termites in Gilbert, they can be not only a bothersome, but more of a headache because of all the damage that they do. However, there are two different DIY treatments for termites that you can do until you are able to call the professionals and really get those things gone for good.

DIY Termite Treatments

DIY Termite Treatments

The first DIY termite treatment you can do, is the standard termite chemical barrier for ground termites. This type of chemical treatment is designed to stop the termites from entering your home. Along with stoping the, from entering your home, it will also stop the termites that are already in your home, from getting into the soil, which is where they go to get the moisture they need in order to live. This termite chemical barrier will provide the protection you need for 3 to 5 years.

The second option for DIY termite treatment is to use a baiting system, which there are several different kinds available. You simply will place these termite bait stations outside, in the ground along, the structure of your home. The termites will then find the bait stations, feed on it, and die shortly after. Termite bait stations are good for when you can not use a termite chemical barrier, due to bodies of water being nearby or when you are unsure about using a pesticide in or around your home. There are also some cases when a termite chemical barrier is used to do a soil treatment and the soil treatment has failed for some reason. Then, the only other DIY termite treatment option would be to use the termite bait stations.

If you see mud tunnels around your home or damage to wood structures in your house, it may be best to get a termite inspection done to see just how much damage is being caused and to stop those critters from creating more. However, if you can not do that right away, doing a termite treatment yourself is a start to stopping those unwanted pests.

It’s Always Termite Season

When it comes to termites there is no one specific season termites come out. Other than subterranean termites who tend to swarm during the spring and summer when it is warm out, termites will take over and invade your home regardless of the weather.

The reason for termites being year round is because different species of termites prefer different weather conditions. For example there are some termites that like to swarm right after a rainfall, there are some that prefer a little dampness, and there are some that prefer the dryness.

So, the type of termites that swarm and invade your house will all depend on what season it is and what the weather is like. However, because there are different species of termites that prefer different climates, that means that the time between termites swarming could be a matter of just a few weeks, a few days, or the time of day.

This is especially true for Gilbert, seeing as, we have hot, dry weather, but than because of monsoon season we have months when we have humid weather, causing moisture, along with the moisture from the rain fall.

It's Always Termite Season

It’s Always Termite Season

Even though there is no real termite season, termites tend to be less active in the winter. However, with keeping your house warm and cozy in the winter, you are creating a pretty inviting environment for the termites, so don’t be surprised if you see some small termite action in your house in the winter.

One thing to note about termites is that since they can come and swarm and invade and damage your home all year round, you want to try and keep an eye out for any visible tunnels they may have created. However, because termites tend to eat and work their way from the inside out, it may be awhile before you notice that you have a termite problem.

Termite Inspections – 4 Things Exterminators Need To Check

Termite Inspections – 4 Things Exterminators Need To Check

Termites are one of the worst pests that you can have at your home. Usually, when you first notice their presence, they already did a lot of damage to your property. They tend to affect 49 out of the 50 states in the United States. Alaska is the only state that doesn’t suffer from termites, up until now.

So, you know how termites can be missed even though they are in your home. Because of this, many homeowners tend to have a termites inspection every year to make sure everything is ok within his property. In case you’re in the same position, here are the 4 things exterminators will be checking to make sure that you have no termites around your home:

#1: Wood Damage:

The first thing exterminators will look at is for any wood damage around your Gilbert home. However, one of the problems they need to deal with is the fact that termites eat the wood from the inside. So, you might already have a termites infestation but you won’t notice any damage on the surface. And this is why you actually need to have a termites inspection. The inspector will be able to discover if you have termites inside the wood with a simple tap on the wood beam.

When the infestation is already serious, you’ll see mud inside the damaged wood.

#2: Wood In Your Property:

Even if you don’t have any termites in your home, the termite’s inspector still needs to look around your property to check the wood you have there. He will take a closer look at the wood that you have near your home, at the firewood, deadwood, and finally, wooden structures.

#3: Construction Joints With Mud:

Termites like to seal small gaps using dirt to make sure they are comfortable. Even though you may not notice any tubes around your Gilbert property, if you see some crusted dirt in what were supposed to be little cracks or small holes in the concrete or sheetrock, you may have a termites infestation.

#4: Mud Tubes:

During the termite inspection, the inspector will need to take a look at your foundation, in your crawlspace, near your pipes, in your attic, among others. Mud tubes ate also called shelter tubes. Since termites aren’t able to transverse them, they build their way around them.

Mud tubes look like dried and encrusted dirt.

Despite you could try to do a termite inspection on your own, it is far better to call an exterminator. After all, they’re used to deal with this pest and they’ll easily discover them or make sure that your Gilbert home is termites-free.

7 Signs of Termites Infestation In Gilbert

Termites are one of the worst pests that you can have. They like dark, damp, and warm areas of your home, and you might be missing a lot of signs they are already there. The American pest management authorities keep reminding homeowners about termites because they have been spreading. In fact, Americans usually spend almost 5 billion dollars per year just with this pest.

So, what signs should you be looking for over your home in Gilbert?

#1: Termite Shelter Tubes

You can usually see these signs on foundations, walls, or metal capping. These tubes are crucial for termites because they are protecting themselves from their predators. Plus, it’s the perfect nest for them. It usually is a humid and dark place which is perfect not only for their development as well as for food storage.

#2: Subterranean Tunnels

There are different termites species and the subterranean ones don’t make their nests on tubes. Instead, they prefer to make their own subterranean tunnels that they use to transport food.

#3: Blowholes In Trees

Despite both kinds of termites can use trees, the ones that use them more often are the subterranean ones. They tend to form their colonies on the trunks and in the tree root crown. If you have a suspicion that you might have some termites hiding here, your best chance to find them is to call an exterminator. Since they will need to hear through the tree to see f they notice the termites presence, they already know the kind of sound they should expect and where it is more likely to find them.

#4: Earthen Packing:

When termites decide to work inside a timber, you’ll notice the earthen packing on the surface, and the places where you’re most likely to find them is on joints and the foundation’s walls.

#5: Termite Noises And Wood Excavation:

One of the things that allow termites to go undercover and you don’t notice them is that they usually tend to leave a thin layer intact. However, they will then excavate deeper into the wood. One of the things that some Gilbert homeowners say is that they can actually hear them, especially if you already have a huge infestation.

#6: Piles Of Termite Frass In Or Around The Home:

Frass usually is referred as the termite droppings. You can usually find them either near or at the entry of the termites.

#7: Presence Of Wings

Every termite has its own function or job. And in what concerns the reproductive termites, their job is to fly around to try to find a good place for their nests. So, when you have an infestation in your Gilbert home, you may find some wings discarded. In case you do, make sure that you immediately call a specialist to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Using Magic Pest Control for Bee Removal

Using Magic Pest Control for Bee Removal

When it comes to most pest control in Arizona jobs, response time is more a matter of providing quality service than of safety. Our Gilbert exterminators are always prompt and courteous when taking care of the pests around your home, and in most situations the speed of our response time is not a life-or-death situation.

However, when it comes to bees in Arizona and the incredible amount of aggressive bees that we’ve been seeing, our pest control team’s response time has taken on a whole new responsibility.

When dealing with Africanized Honey Bees in Arizona, or with the less aggressive species of honey bees, quick response time from pest control companies in Gilbert can literally mean lie or death.

First off, if you think that you might be dealing with an extremely aggressive swarm of bees and have animals or children around, call the local fire department. They have the capabilities of getting to your location safer and quicker than any pest control company. In any other case of bee control in Arizona, give us a call.

If you’re facing a bee hive and wondering who to call, you’ll want to consider these qualities in a pest control company:

  • Response Time – We offer same day bee removal, and in the most serious cases can be on your property extremely quickly. We have offices and offer pest control in Mesa, pest control in Scottsdale, pest control in Gilbert, Queen Creek, Phoenix and Maricopa, with bee control and removal in all areas of the state. With so many trucks and highly trained bee removal technicians, we are able to arrive on your property very quickly.
  • 1 Year Guarantee – There aren’t many pest control companies in Arizona that offer a 1 year guarantee on bee removal jobs. However, bees can be a serious threat to you, your family and your pets, so it’s important to us to get the job done right and make sure it stays that way throughout the year.
  • Experience – It’s imperative that any bee removal technician have experience with removing bee hives and bee extermination in Arizona. The last thing that you want to deal with is a rookie arriving on your property with fear in his eyes. Bees are not to be toyed with, and if they are aggressive they need extra care and attention to detail. Removal involves more than just exterminating or moving the bees, it involves a whole host of cleanup responsibilities to that the bees do not smell and return to the same spot. At Magic Pest Control, our bee specialists all have between 5 to 30 years of experience working with bees, so we absolutely know what we’re doing.
  • Price – If a pest control company in Arizona does not give you a quote over the phone, but instead tells you that you will receive an estimate on the job, call us. We give quotes and estimates for every bee removal job right over the phone.

Facing a bee hive, whether it’s in your home, in the walls of your home, in the electric box out front or the tree out back, we are highly trained in bee removal in Arizona and are ready to serve you. Even if your bee hive is 100 feet up in the air hanging on a branch above your home, we can take care of it. Give us a call today.