What Are Pest Control Granules?

What Are Pest Control Granules?

Here at Magic Pest Control, we use many different forms of pest control. We use the spray. We use the dusting method. And we use the granules, when we’re out for scorpions.

Of course, when we’re out for termites, the methods are completely different.

But, some of our most routine pest control services are our scorpion treatments, every month, all summer long, many times throughout the entire year.

One of the questions we get quite often is:

“What are those and why do you use them?”

Pest control granules are truly just another way to keep scorpions, and other pests like cockroaches, away from your home. We lay them around your property, but most often we lay these pest control granules around the base of your Gilbert home.

A few weeks back, we recorded a Facebook Live video directly from a scorpion control treatment at a Gilbert home.

In this segment, you can see our exterminators using those pest control granules:


As you can see from the video, these granules are activated and work like a charm. Scorpions, cockroaches, crickets and all types of pests will not only eat these granules, they’ll take these granules back to their friends and families…well, other pests.

DIY Granules for Pest Control

The biggest mistake that many Gilbert homeowners make when using pest control granules, most often used for ants and ant piles, is to clump all of the granules into one small area…usually right on top of the ant pile.

Your best be is to actually spread those granules all over the place. Spread them around the base of your home to keep scorpions and cockroaches aware…setting up a perimeter for pests.

Spread them out along the entire ‘highway’ those red ants are taking too and from your home.

Rain and Pest Control Granules

The best part about these pest control granules is that when they get damp or wet, they become that much more effective!

When these pest control granules become wet, they are spread into the soil…released into the soil for maximum effect. So, if you lay these pest control granules DIY, or after our pest control experts leave your home after a scorpion treatment, spray some water down on the granules.

Now, don’t wash them away, but dampen them a bit. It will release them into the soil for maximum effect.

These pest control granules are a wonderful service that our pest control experts provide. 

If you’re struggling to get rid of scorpions on your property, call us now: (480) 725-3041.

Why Do We Use Glue Traps for Scorpions?

Why Do We Use Glue Traps for Scorpions?

Glue traps catch cockroaches, ants, spiders and scorpions. It’s that simple, and that’s why we use them.

Every time our pest control experts come to your Gilbert or Phoenix home, or business, we spray, dust, and set out glue traps. These things are like magnets for bugs, and sometimes for snakes and lizards.

Glue traps for pest control are covered in a wonderful, attracting sweet smell that many bugs just can’t ignore. They are tricked into thinking these glue traps are covered with food, and so those spiders, cockroaches and scorpions are drawn to them…it’s just bug nature…smell food, go to that food.

Check out this video that Nelson Ruiz did just for you guys all about glue traps!

Ok, so now that you’ve watched the video, you know how important glue traps are for keeping spiders, cockroaches and scorpions out of your home. Trap them on the glue traps and keep them out of your home!

Check this out:


This is what your glue trap should look like.

The sweet smell attracts the cockroaches, those struggling cockroaches and crickets attract the scorpions!

Ready for your glue traps and scorpion extermination? Call now (480) 405-4059.

What is a Scorpion Treatment?

What is a Scorpion Treatment?

When Magic Pest Control comes to your home for a scorpion treatment, you not only get the best services, you get pest control experts who understand scorpions, understand home construction, and are willing to share their knowledge with you so that you can do some valuable DIY stuff to keep scorpions out.

In this Facebook Live video, our owner Nelson Ruiz, along with the Magic Pest team of exterminators, conducted a routine scorpion treatment.

When we do this, our scorpion exterminators cover the entire perimeter of the home, including the block fence line…no matter how large your yard is.

In this video, Nelson also offers some simple tips to keep bugs out of your home…


Call in the experts at Magic Pest Control to take care of your scorpion problem once and for all.

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Termites causing structural damages all around your residence can be an intimidating experience. They often damage the inner part of wooden furnishings and leave the outside part untouched as a defense against drying out.

Therefore, unless you carry out an appropriate checking, you will be unable to unearth the destruction caused by the termites to your beautiful wooden structures.

However, these termites at times can be mistaken for some other harmless creatures and thus ensure that you detect the termites and conduct appropriate termite control at the earliest.


Proper Actions to Control Termites

The instant you discover that your household is under the attack of these termites, it is imperative to conduct a termite control, and you can find lots of pest control companies providing termite services. This brings about the need to get an excellent service provider at a reasonable rate.

Some uninvited exterminators may visit your home offering cost-free or inexpensive services, but they are not worth to be trusted with this job at all. The ideal approach is to obtain cost estimates from different companies providing the control service. Several factors have to be considered while picking out the estimate.

Termite control estimate is the outlay or the bid to complete a job which indicates the overall cost you are going to incur in the entire process of termite control. The initial step for termite estimate is to conduct an appropriate inspection of the area, including both the exterior and the interior of the residence by well-trained professionals.

Then, you need to understand the various kinds of termite treatments available and select the one to be used for your house.

Termite Control and the Property

Another significant factor which affects the estimate is the building structure to be handled, whether it’s a residential or commercial building, number of occupants, the layout of the basements, the kind of slab groundwork in the basement and some other areas.

To find out the potency of the pesticide to be applied, it is crucial to figure out how long these termites have been dwelling and where they are all visible.

The service does need a bit of drilling on the exterior of the wall surfaces, and this is an extremely difficult job that can influence the estimate.

Considering all of these alongside the size of the building structure, you will get a final termite control estimate from the pest control company.

What are the signs of termite infestation?

What are the signs of termite infestation?

Termites are a menace that most people try to eliminate in order to avoid property damage. The biggest problem, however, is failure to detect a termite infestation. Termites are very small in size which makes their presence hard to detect.

Some homeowners realize that their house is infested when it is too late. There are different types of termites that may become uninvited guests to your house. These include dampwood termites, subterranean termites, drywood termites and cone-head termites.

What are the signs of termite infestation

To help you investigate whether your house is infested with any of these types, here are some warning signs that should never be ignored;

  • Discarded wings

These small pests have wings specifically the swarmers. After they find a mate, the swarmers lose their wings and set up a nest to build their colony. Once you start seeing discarded wings around the house especially on windows it is highly likely that there is a termite infestation waiting to happen.

  • Hollow sounding timber

Termites burrow through surfaces especially wood frames in your house. They eat the inside part of timber leaving a thin layer of wood and a tunnel in between the timber. Knocking on wood frames is a common way to investigate whether your house is infested. If the frames produce a hollow sound, you definitely have a termite infestation problem.

  • Mud tunnels

Termites use mud made tunnels to transport food to their nest. Mud tunnels are also their safe passage to any location in the house. This is a major sign on most structures. Not only should you demolish these tunnels but also you should use insecticides and other pest control measures to prevent a further infestation.

  • Annoying click noise

Everybody has a defense mechanism when threatened and just like people, termites also do have theirs. If termites feel threatened or are disturbed, they produce an annoying click sound. The sound is normally the soldiers banging their heads on wood so as to warn the worker termites.

If you ever accidentally or willingly knocked on any wood covered place or wall and heard this sound, then your house is hosting unwelcomed termites. Take termite treatment measures immediately to prevent damage to property.

  • Tight fitting doors and hard to open windows.

Although it is a sign of damp and hot weather, one should never take the chance. Termites produce excrements that trap heat and moisture while they devour timber and tunnel through doors and windows frames. The trapped moisture causes the wood to warp therefore making it difficult to open windows and doors.

The next time you observe these signs, be sure to check or calls a pest control company to investigate whether there are termites at your house.

Though they are hard to detect, termites leave a noticeable amount of damage and the above signs which easily tell there is a termite infestation at your house. You can use the most effective termite treatment methods to get rid of these pests.

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Prevention and Treatment of Termite Infestation

Prevention and Treatment of Termite Infestation

Are you struggling to get rid of the termite problem in your house? Have you observed the signs of an infestation and are afraid it will happen?

If you have answered yes to these questions there are very simple ways in which one can use to prevent or treat termite infestations.

Prevention and Treatment of Termite Infestation


Some of these ways include;

  • Insecticides and Foams

Depending on the size of the infesting termite colony, insecticides and foams can be very effective when it comes to termite treatment. Foams work well especially in killing termites that may have hidden into the secluded hard to reach areas such as wood cracks. In addition, it takes care of any other bugs that may be crawling in your home. Insecticides come in liquid or gas form. It is up to you to choose which one to use. Even though effective in killing or chasing away termites, foams and insecticides are harmful to your family. It is recommended that you vacate the house for a while till the effects of the treatments wear off.

  • Use Bait

Having to chase hundreds of termites out of your house can be stressing. Termites are swift especially when in danger and are good in hiding. This makes it hard to flush them out of their hiding place. There is a simple solution, setting bait stations. Boric acid has been known to attract termites which is why it is commonly used and applied to the bait station. Use of baits is a very efficient and stress-free method for termite treatment.

  • Flood the Soil

Termites leave a trail of soil wherever they infest. They also make nests and tunnels with soil. If you noted this sign at your house, you can prevent the colony from growing by flooding the areas you suspect to be their hiding place. You can also do the same outdoors to prevent future infestation.

  • Get rid of any Attractors

Once termites find a source of food and a well-hidden place to stay, it is hard to leave. These are some of the attractors that bring termites to your house. Sealing any crawlspaces such as cracks and holes and getting rid of any cellulose materials are some of the ways you can prevent a termite infestation. Another way is by reducing excess moisture in your house by fixing any leakages around the house as termites like to stay in a moist area.

Fixing the damage caused by termites can cost the homeowner a lot of money when it comes to fixing them. The above methods are some steps in which you can reduce their presence or get rid of them to prevent further damage. Termites are dangerous pests and as a homeowner, you should prevent an infestation at all cost.

Termites: A Homeowners Journey from Discovery to Extermination

Termites: A Homeowners Journey from Discovery to Extermination

You discover one day that termites have devoured your beautiful wood flooring. You grievously tore apart your well-cherished floors and installed a whole new set once you made certain there are absolutely no termites.

However, after a couple of months, the same termite breakout occurred. You wonder why termites found a way to your hardwood flooring. You are you looking for the best way to eradicate termites completely!

At this juncture, you need to learn about these hated pests so that you can better tackle them efficiently…

Termites: A Homeowners Journey from Discovery to Extermination

Termites are subterranean insects, which mean that they slip through the underground to obtain their primary nutrition source: wood. This points out why they could still find their way to your wooden systems even when you cannot see exactly where they originate from.

The termites that can be spotted are simply a little portion of the three million termites that nest in the vicinity. Termites follow an extremely structured colony that even when you have terminated some, their colony still send more of their cavalry to destroy your wood premises.

Then, how can you go about completely getting rid of the termite colony?

Most individuals go on self-mission in getting rid of termites however the majority of people highly recommend professional pest control companies to execute the termite infestation.

The second option is apparently the ideal solution considering that they do it for a full living, and certain pest control agencies even provide service coverage if the termites make a comeback.

Pest control companies usually follow the steps below in ending termite infestation altogether.

  1. Locating the Termite Colony

This is a daunting task as underground termite highways are pretty difficult to unearth. The easiest way to locate them is tracing their entry point to your shattered property. They start off at that point and follow the paths of wood and dust particles. Note that this is crucial so that you are confident where your hired professional will focus to beat off termites. Property handling discussions will be required where you know which section of your premises they will need to use while they work.

  1. Applying Chemical Measures

The vast majority of pest control experts utilize chemicals in getting rid of termites. Termiticide is the chemical substance commonly used to treat the soil around the area attacked by termites. Some professionals bait these termites by introducing toxicant such as boric acid treated lumber at the location where they are situated. Once the termites bite into the treated wood, they carry harmful toxins while returning to their colony where it actively works to eradicate the entire colony. Otherwise, they work with their equipment that discharges chemical compounds to shut down the termite nest completely. You should be around during the operation to learn how to handle destructive chemicals being launched in the household to keep you and your family members informed and safe.

  1. Deploying Preventive Methods

To ensure that termites never return, pest control professionals urge you to keep wood or mulch far from your home. They require that you wipe with citric acid the area where termites have made destruction. Or perhaps they suggest some cost-effective wood treatment services nearby to ensure that no termites will ever destroy wood structures again. Implement their suggestions to avoid requiring how you can eradicate termites again.

It is smart to learn about how to get rid of termites nevertheless hiring a professional pest control company is worth the investment because you are saving much from purchasing or refurbishing of wood structures. Act immediately to avert further destruction and get rid of these termites forever.

Pest Control In The Rain (what do we do)

Pest Control In The Rain (what do we do)

It’s raining outside, and your Magic Pest Control exterminator is scheduled to come out today to get rid of those pesky scorpions and cockroaches.

It wasn’t even suppose to downpour like this today, and here you are, staring out the window at a storm that will no doubt drive even more pests like scorpions and spiders into your home!

Pest Control In The Rain (what do we do)

It’s frustrating, and while you love the rain and we’re finally getting some storms in the valley, you know that every scorpion in the neighborhood is rushing into your garage for shelter, and moving into your home for a dry, safe place full of food.

What do you do?

Well, we have two options here at Magic Pest Control that allow us to service our homeowners from Gilbert to Glendale, and everywhere in between:

1. If It’s Sprinkling: If it’s a light rain with no prediction of downpour within the next 48-hours, we’ll stick to our pest control schedule, come to your home, and make sure those scorpions and pests don’t move int because it’s wet outside. Rains can easily drive pests into your home for shelter, and it’s our job to keep them out…even during monsoon season.

So, if there’s a light sprinkle we will still come out to your home, spray the treatment, dust the brick walls (so important), and (more importantly during rains) lay out the granules that will actually become activated and more potent once touched by that light rain.

2.If It’s Pouring: If the rain is coming down is sheets, there is no reason to spray or dust or lay out granules that are just going to be washed away by the storm.

If it’s pouring outside, we’ll call you to reschedule your appointment.

No rain, or dust storm, or monsoon, can keep us from getting pests out of your home!

3 Reasons To Have A Termite Inspection Before Buying A Home

When buying a home that is a resale, it is best to always ensure that all the inspections necessary are done to get value for money. However reality is that many new home buyers often skip doing a termite inspection, all in a quest to save a few bucks which is usually a grave mistake. In this case here are some reasons to do a termite inspection before buying a home.

3 Reasons To Have A Termite Inspection Before Buying A Home

1. Future structure replacements

Termite presence can show a bigger future problem and you might end up using a lot of pesticides in the home to keep it in control. This comes about as it means some of the inner structures in the home are connected directly to the dirt. Even with replacement regular inspections being done, sometime in the future the problem will arise again. This time the structure in question will need to be replaced, if it was not moved away from the dirt.

2. Spend much more

Truth is when scheduling an early termite inspection, the home owner is sure to spend about $100 before buying the home. Although it might seem like wasted money if there is no presence of termites, the benefits come in if there is actual termite damage found. With the fact that most areas in Gilbert AZ have favorable weather for termite’s colonies to grow, the damage is usually not seen until it is too late. In the end one gets to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, replacing entire areas of a home due to the damage which could have been prevented.

3. Negotiate with seller

Before buying a home in Gilbert AZ, one of the main reasons why one should have a termite inspection is to renegotiate with the seller. This comes about as if any damage is found in the inspection, the buyer can easily ask for cost of repairs on the damaged area.

It is good to note that even after having an inspection, future yearly inspections should be done. This is for the simple reason a professional termite inspector will reach areas one normally does not consider such as crawlspaces and basements.



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Basic Termite Control Methods

Basic Termite Control Methods

Termites can cause serious damage as they eat wood but can also destroy insulation, paper, books, and filtration systems. They cause serious damage to trees and shrubs as well.

Termites that infest the homes can cause a serious emotional problem for the owners who are plagued by thoughts of termites feasting on their most serious investment.

Basic Termite Control Methods

Spring is the time when swarms of winged termites can be found inside homes. They swarm in order to disperse and create new colonies. The warm temperatures and rainfall can cause winged termites to fly into the air. The swarmers pair with mates and create new colonies in the soil. Swarmers that go indoors cannot eat wood while they do not survive in the environment.

However, their presence indicates an infestation in the environment.

Termite control involves the use of liquids and baits. Termicides can be used to develop a chemical barrier that prevents termites from entering buildings. Additionally, it can also result in the death of the termites. New materials are designed to kill termites as they have proven to be reliable and efficient in responding to termite problems.

Baiting is another approach in which baits that includes paper, cardboard, and palatable food with slow acting substance is used to kill termites. The baits can be placed in different areas below ground. They can also be placed indoors on tubes. The foraging termites will eat the bait and share it with the nest. This can reduce the numbers of termites in their colonies. Baits might be the best solution in some cases.

In other cases, baits can be used with liquid applications in order to create an optimum strategy to kill termites. Termite control needs to be initiated through proper assessment of the infestation. The use of multiple methods is often needed in order to ensure sound outcomes.

If you think that you might have termites, DO NOT try to take care of them yourselves. Call us immediately!