What’s the Deal with Termites in Arizona?

What’s the Deal with Termites in Arizona?

Termites have the uncanny way of getting people interested looking at them. However, the damage they cause can be a nightmare.

What's the Deal with Termites in Arizona?

What do they destroy?

Termite’s primary source of food is wood. However, they will chew through;

· Insulation

· Books

· Wooden furniture

· Wooded sculptures among others.

Left unchecked, termites can easily bring down homes. Obviously they cost of building a home afresh is challenging to people.

How can you tell you have termites in your building?

If your home is primarily wooden, you have to be extra cautious. This however does not limit termite infestation to wooden structures. Basically, they will look for any opening to get into your home and chew down your furniture. Meaning, metal and plastic structures too can easily be raided by termites. The question therefore becomes; how do you do a termite inspection without damaging your home?

While termite infestation is not obvious, some outward signs should draw special attention. For instance;

1. Continuously raising wooden surfaces.

2. Thinning and softening of wooden walls.

3. Sounds within your walls.

4. Crumbling walls, cabinets and furniture.

Once you see these signs, it is time to get a little more serious and physically check for the termites. The beauty about termites is they will not scamper away once they hear you coming. Therefore, using a strong light and checking through wall cavities you are able to assess the situation.

While this may sound easy to do, if the architectural structure of a building is too complex, doing a proper termite inspection can prove quite hard or even impossible. Due to this you are well advised to seek the services of a professional termite inspection team.

Why is it important to seek help?

Subterranean termites generally build their nests on soft ground and may dig through to the floors of your home with little to no notice from you. Their damage however can lead to heavy loses and possible injuries should you fall through weakened floors.

Dry wood termites on the other hand are much more noticeable, but are generally large in numbers. Therefore the damage they cause is swift and costly.

Termite inspection and removal can be a long and tedious process. That is why you should contact us. We have many years’ experience, have inspected many homes for termites and have a very high rate of success. As we serve you, we will consider your pocket and ensure we give you service that is instantly gratifying service. Talk to us. We are the professionals you need.

Why Commercial Termite Control is Important

Why Commercial Termite Control is Important

Commercial termite control in Phoenix, AZ can protect your commercial building from termites and keep them from doing extensive damage that can be very costly to repair. Termites are one of the most expensive pests to deal with because if you don’t exterminate them quickly they can cause structural damage and other types of damage to a commercial building.

This can be particularly costly when you are running a business because you may have to temporarily shut down operations while you deal with the problem.

Checking regularly for termites and calling termite control to exterminate them will ensure that you don’t have to deal with this pest as you run your business.

Why Commercial Termite Control is Important

Termites Can Do Damage That Will Cost Thousands to Repair

Business owners must be vigilant about termites because they can cause damage that can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Termites can damage expensive inventory or raw materials, which can affect business operations. The cost isn’t limited to just the material damage; if your business has to shut down even for one day it can end up costing you even more money.

Inspect for Termites Regularly

You should be sure to inspect your business for termites on a regular basis when you live in Phoenix. There are some varieties of termites in the area that can cause extensive damage to your flooring, window trim, door frames and doors, and your furniture. You need to check for termites whenever you do your regular pest inspection, and ask your termite control company to inspect every area of your building where they may be causing damage.

Contact a Termite Control Company Quickly if You Suspect Termites

If you see any of the characteristic signs of termites in or near your building such as mud tubes or droppings, you need to call termite control as quickly as possible. Termite control can inspect your building and find any specific areas where they have infiltrated and deal with them as quickly as possible. Waiting just one week can end up being costly to your business, and you always want to call termite control as soon as you think that you even have one termite colony anywhere near your building.

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Qualities of an Awesome, Effective, Expert Termite Treatment

Qualities of an Awesome, Effective, Expert Termite Treatment

There are qualified technicians that have up to date training which enables them to provide the best solutions for any problem. Always ensuring to put customers first, and protect the pets, property and family by using the latest equipment, which provides the safest and most effective pest control and management program.

Qualities of an Awesome, Effective, Expert Termite Treatment

Termite treatment

There are different types of termite treatment depending on the termite to be treated since there are Dampwood termite, Drywood termite, Formosan termite and subterranean termite. There is the non-chemical treatment and chemical treatment. The non-chemical include biological control agent like nematodes and fungi, incorporating physical barriers during construction, and steel mesh and sands of a size, which act as physical barriers.

The chemical treatments involves the use of pesticides known as termiticides. Its application requires a trained pest management professional. Which include liquid soil-applied termiticides, building materials impregnated with termiticides and wood treatments. The most common treatment includes termite baits and convectional barrier treatments. Always ensure that a chemical is safe before any use.

Termite control

Before any control method can be adopted, the first step is to identify the termite family and species. This can be done by carrying out an observation on its behavior and the damage pattern on crops or trees. Control mainly involves homeowner assistance where he or she has to reduce any possible termite food sources like woodpiles, and address moisture sources.

There is a need to repair such things as plumbing or roof leaks. This is mostly vital in controlling an infection and preventing future ones. The most important thing for one to do is to use the various control methods existing. A pest control professional should be contacted who will give a guide on the different options available such as Chlordane for termite control, termite control bait among others.

Our reliable termite control company will 1st visit your property, and inspect the home, and the surrounding land. They will either advise you if you need treatment for termites, or they’ll inform you when you ought to consider a timetable for regular inspections.

Here’s something else to think about; although you do not have termites, how do you know that your neighbors don’t?

Again, the termites aren’t planning to stick to their territory. They’ll travel to wherever they could acquire food. Every house and tree on your block will be a food source for them. So make sure you contact our termite control technician to your house today. An ounce of prevention today will stave off a huge house repair cost later on, or worse.

Recognizing the Signs of a Termite Infestation

Recognizing the Signs of a Termite Infestation

Recognizing the signs of a termite infestation is not always easy for an untrained eye. Magic Pest Control has been in business for over 31 years and is experienced in dealing with pests of all kinds. Our termite experts are ready to help rid your home of termites. Discover the level of this pest infestation and let us show you how to rid your home and furnishings of this invasive species.

Termites can damage ceilings, floors, walls, and foundations. Once locating a place to inhabit, termites begin destroying your property with around the clock activity. These pests eat day and night and can go undetected until destruction has ballooned into expensive repairs. Structural damage caused by termites can weaken the wood supports in your home, creating a dangerous structural hazard.

Recognizing the Signs of a Termite Infestation

Types of Termites:

There are at least 2000 types of termites but the primary culprits in the average home are Drywood termites. Dampwood termites like wet areas and dry wood are unappealing to these pests. Drywood termites are capable of destroying quite a few elements in the home, wallpaper, plastics and fabrics. Dirt along wall spaces might be a sign of Drywood termites. Subterranean termites eat into plumbing, foundations, and wood, flourishing in soil and are extremely destructive to property.

Signs of Termites:

Termites operate in swarms. They can cause costly damage before they are discovered. Termites are capable of living in floors ceilings or walls, eating away at the structure of your home. Seek professional help, riding your home of these home-destroying pests.

Termite Presence:

Solid wood hollowed out

Small wings debris

Noise in walls

Ground up dust

Dirt Noodles on Walls


The best way to avoid a problem is to take care of it before it starts. Our inspectors are able to find termite damage giving you the opportunity to have it corrected before you make the purchase. Restoring a home is an expensive project. It is better to discover foundation and structural supports are weak before a purchase, rather than after funds are committed. Termite damage makes an already expensive purchase, more so. This eats away at your investment.

Control termites by letting our professionally trained staff check every aspect of your home for these vermin. A termite inspection protects your home from expensive repairs. These pests will feed on your home if the structure is left untreated. Call our office today and let us check your home for termites.


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Selecting Reliable Termite Treatment Services

Selecting Reliable Termite Treatment Services

Are you fed up of termites in your home? These can cause a number of problems to your wood made materials like bed, furniture, window, door etc. Therefore, it is better to remove them completely in time.

In order to complete this task, it is also essential to hire experts working this occupation. They can help you detect and remove such insects using advanced equipment.

There are some important aspects as well that you should consider while looking for the best termite treatment. This ensures that these remove from your home completely and never come back. Here are some points to find the best termite treatment company.

Relevant Experience

The best termite control requires experienced people who can do this job for you. There are many insects in our air. Different individuals are involved for removing them. Your main priority should to seek only those who are engaged in termite treatment . Ensure that you cross-check the background of such professionals so that you do not need to face any trouble after getting their services.

Advanced Equipment

While looking for the reliable termite treatment services, ensure that you check whether the company has advanced equipments. There are many services providers offering their services to customers across Melbourne. They also use quality equipments to remove termite from each corner of the house. During this process, they keep in mind such insects never come back.

You might have costly furniture in your home. So, it is important to protect them from termites. Commonly these insects attack wood-made materials to damage them. Professionals who are involved in termite control use proper instruments to complete the task appropriately.

Affordable Services

If you have limited budget for termite treatment, ensure that you seek for some affordable services. There are many companies involved in it that can help you remove such insects completely. They also mention their services along with the complete cost on their business websites. Just go through their sites to see whether they have mentioned the complete details.

Check-out some useful service providers and note-down their services. Thereafter, you can compare the services and prices one after another. This will give you a good idea and then it would be a lot easier for you to pick the right one. Remember that the cost may differ as per their services of different companies. But there are companies that do not charge much for even quality services.

During the comparison, you will come to know many new things about which you are not aware of termite control. The knowledge is beneficial to not only find a suitable service provider, but also to monitor their works.

Additionally, you should examine the pros and cons of different termite treatment professional companies. Keep your needs in mind and choose the best services to protect your previous accessories in your home.

Why You Need a Termite Inspection

Why You Need a Termite Inspection

Pests, and particularly termites, are terrible to live with. They can cause an incredible amount of serious structural damage to your property which you may then need to pay to repair.

But one of the scariest things about termites is that you might not know if you have them unless you have a full termite inspection carried out.

Because they rarely emerge other than to swarm, and because swarms are very often mistaken for other kinds of insects, termites can get an extended license to do what they like to your property unless you take action to identify any problems.

So what damage can termites really do? Well, quite a lot.

Why You Need a Termite Inspection

They’re currently responsible for an estimated $5 billion of damage every single year. Don’t let any of that include damage to your property.

If you spot any of the following, you should contact Gilbert AZ immediately for help.

Termites often swarm around windows or wherever there is light. If you see what looks like a swarm anywhere near a light in your property, you may have an infestation in your home.

If you have mud tubes, which are about the size of a drinking straw, around your property, you may be able to inspect these for any signs of termites. These are exactly the kinds of places they like to hide.

When you tap the wood around your home, does any of it sound hollow? This could be because termites have already eaten away at the inside.

If you have seen any of the above signs of termites, don’t wait until even more damage has been done, contact Gilbert AZ now.

There are many effective ways to treat termites including:

  • Soil treatment, which protects your property for long periods of time
  • Bait, which may take a few weeks or months to fully deal with the problem
  • Fumigation, which will be used in case of an infestation, and is very effective

Even if you don’t think you currently have a termite infestation, you should take steps to protect your home before it’s too late. Until your home has been properly treated, it is wide open to termites and could become a target for them at any time.

Termites need barely any room to get into your home, and if they are swarming anywhere nearby – for example other houses in the neighborhood or trees in the surrounding area – then your home could be next on their list.

The Best Termite Treatment in Gilbert AZ

The Best Termite Treatment in Gilbert AZ

Are you tired of termite battles in your home? Do you want to protect your house and environment from termites?

If your answer is yes, then you need a suitable termite treatment. Termites can cause several problems to your materials made of wood like doors, furniture, beds, etc. To avoid such troubles, you will have to choose a good termite treatment service that will help you terminate them.

Many people who are affected by termite invasion assume that they can acquire a termite treatment locally and do the job themselves.Well, in some cases where the problem is in a fairly small structure, and away from the main property this might be possible, but, treating termites is areas which need knowledge and techniques should be left to experts.

The following are things you should before contacting any termite control company:

Best time to do termite control.
There is a specific pattern in which termites replicate and lay eggs. Throughout spring, they reside in soggy soil, lay eggs and hatch. This is the time they work in and around to furnish food for their toddlers. Also, this hurls light into the truth that the best time to do termite control will be right before spring. It is better to make a solid infestation control plan with the intention that termites won’t get into your house all through the year. The discriminating period is yet to come. At the time it begins to rain, guarantee there are no leakage or gaps in your house. Termites love dampness; so determine you don’t make space for them to lay eggs.

Regions to spray out.
Kitchen and lavatory are the most susceptible places since they are dependable clammy. Check the pipes that run underneath and keep an eye for wooden structures. Canals and downspouts ought to be fittingly administered. Never delay to discard mulch and wood chips as they lure termites in expansive scale. Soil and dust ought to be cleared auspicious and assuming that you have dumped junk for quite a while, that leaves sufficient creeping space for termites. This thwarts termite examination likely.

Termite treatment techniques.
The termite treatment starts with termite review. Proficient termite control companies assess your house, trees, stumps and fences in your property. They give a nitty gritty report expressing preventive systems and treatment suggestions. Exceptionally influenced ranges are treated with solid termite elimination routines. Substance restraints including enrolled termiticides, physical restraints, tidying chemicals, reticulation framework and observing framework are a portion of the adequate infestation control techniques utilized. Risks of an additional termite infestation might be discounted just if you convey a viable overseeing project set up. For preventing any further ambush, take up an annihilation strategy to control the infestation before it reaches your limit. Termite probes are effective as they prompt the colony, and it becomes easy to nip it off the bud.

Whom to approach.
Termite control companies need a proper examination first, and it is best done by experts in the field who are experienced in taking care of intricacy of the errand. They are skilled and prepared to utilize particular supplies to perform proficiently. Triumph lies in picking the best irritation control company.

Eco-friendly Treatments
Not all pesticides are poisonous. You can go the Eco-friendly way by approaching termite treatment Sydney experts who use selected pesticides that are non-poisonous for the environment and humans. A percentage of the patented pesticides are bio-degradable and regularly affirmed by testing bureaus. Anyhow they are no less effective contrasted with their substance partners.