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My Son Thought It Was A Toy Scorpion…

Yesterday a homeowner called us here at our Gilbert offices and inquired about pest control services and prices. She had seen a few scorpions in and around her home…nothing that she would call an infestation, but enough to warrant a phone call to Magic Pest Control.

I mean, it’s summertime in Arizona, we have scorpions in abundance right now…it’s the desert.

My Son Thought It Was A Toy Scorpion...

The homeowner scheduled monthly services, and proceeded to tell us about a very scary incident that prompted the phone call – her son picked up a scorpion.

It was a normal summer day…errands, swim lessons and home for lunch.

She got the diaper bag out of the car and carried it into the house, placed it on the counter and started making sandwiches for the kiddos.

After lunch, the 4-year-old got down from the table, walked over the the diaper bag and went to grab a toy…

It was a brownish-yellow insect, one of their plastic insect toys, stuck to the side of the diaper bag, or so he thought.

The homeowner saw the boy reach for the ‘toy,’ but didn’t think anything of it until that toy moved!

Terrifying, right?!

Well, the 4-year-old went to pick up the ‘toy,’ which was actually a Bark Scorpion that had flattened itself against the side of the diaper bag, and screamed in terror as the ‘toy’ came to life.

Thankfully, the homeowner noticed the scorpion fast enough and quickly swatted her son’s hand away, just moments before he was about to pick up the live scorpion…no doubt when he would receive an extremely harmful sting from that scorpion and make an emergency visit to the hospital.

You see, young children and scorpion stings DO NOT mix well. Venom infects their little bodies, causing convulsions, trouble breathing, and a whole host of terrible health problems.

This situation could have happened in any home in Gilbert and throughout the valley. 

In fact, this woman was lucky. She was able to stop the young boy from touching the scorpion. Our pest control techs hear stories again and again of young children, not realizing how harmful it can be, picking up scorpions or going to touch them out of curiosity.

If you’re worried about your family and scorpions, here’s a few things you need to know:

  1. Get Monthly Scorpion Services: Our Magic Pest Control scorpion services are crucial from May through November. This year, actually, many of our Arizona homeowners called us out early due to the early heat. We were starting monthly services in February! Having us out for scorpion control, or typical two-visit system, is a great way to get rid of scorpions…but they will find a way to return over time. In order to get that guarantee that they won’t return, monthly services are highly recommended.
  2. Keep a Keen Eye: Scorpions are amazing at blending in. They come into your home through tiny cracks…we’re talking credit card slits between windows and doors…and they seem to blend right into the carpet or tile. If you’ve had scorpions in your home, be aware that there might be more and you need to keep an eye out for them. Check the kid’s floors before bedtime, as well as inside of shoes, clothing or on the couch.
  3. Teach Your Kids About Scorpions: One of the best things that you can do, besides getting monthly scorpion services, is to teach your kids about scorpions. Show them pictures. Take them to the zoo and point out scorpions. If you find one in your home, show your kids and explain how crucial it is that they never, ever touch one. This is definitely not something that you want your children to find out the hard way.

Ready to give us a call to get rid of those scorpions for you? 480-654-5888

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Facts about Arizona Bark Scorpions

Arizona Bark scorpions are known as the most dangerous species in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities, and you have to be particularly careful about them. These scorpions pack a toxic sting that can cause a wide range of symptoms, and they are particularly dangerous for children and older adults. Learning as much as you can about these dangerous insects can help you avoid them and stay safe when you are traveling or outdoors.

Facts about Arizona Bark Scorpions


The Arizona Bark scorpion can climb rough surfaces and is active at night

These scorpions are capable of climbing on rough surfaces such as wood, trees, and other objects, but they cannot climb on smooth surfaces like windows. You will probably not find them during the day because they try to avoid the sun, and they are more active during the evening when it is cooler. You need to be particularly cautious at night when you are outside of your home or camping, and be sure that you do not walk barefoot on the ground, especially in areas where there is poor lighting. The scorpions are small in size and can be difficult to spot even in the daytime. 

They live in packs and can be aggressive

Arizona Bark scorpions live in packs of 20 to 30 or more. They are not solitary like other scorpions, and if you see one of them the chances are that several more are nearby. This adds to their danger, and to make matters worse they can be particularly aggressive. Simply being in close proximity to them is enough to trigger their aggression and put yourself at risk of a sting. If see one of them near your home you might want to call pest control to check if there is a nest nearby. 

Their sting is very toxic

Just one sting from an Arizona bark scorpion can send a healthy adult to the hospital, and can be life threatening for younger older people. Their sting is also dangerous for sick or immunocompromised people. You need to be extra vigilant of these scorpions when you are camping or traveling outdoors in Phoenix, AZ, and if you are stung you should be sure to call 911. It is best to treat their sting as an emergency in the majority of cases.

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The Potential Dangers of Termite Damage

The Potential Dangers of Termite Damage

Most bugs that you can encounter in your Gilbert, AZ home or building are not as devastating to your financial life as termites. Termites are a huge nuisance in construction and they can eat their way through your most valuable wooden furniture, flooring, and other structures. Their damage can become substantial when you don’t deal with an infestation quickly enough.

The Potential Dangers of Termite Damage

Colonies can have hundreds of thousands of termites

One important thing to remember is that termite colonies can have hundreds of thousands of termites in them. You may even have several termite colonies in or near your home, and if you do the math you can quickly see that their potential damage is vast. Although one single termite can only destroy a small amount of wood every day, hundreds of thousands of them can eat their way through structures very quickly.

Subterranean termites are the most devastating

An average colony of subterranean termites can eat through about 16 grams of wood per day, which can destroy furniture, flooring, and wood structures. The amount equates to almost 13 pounds of wood per day. This type of causes the most damage in homes, and if you suspect that you have them you can check your home for mud tunnels, which are a sign of an infestation. This species will not usually stick to just one part of your home for their food source, and they may consume wood from several areas include your flooring, furniture, support beams, doors, and other parts of your home.

Contact pest control as soon as you suspect you have an infestation

Termites are so devastating in their damage that they can actually cause buildings in Gilbert, AZ to collapse, and they can destroy much of the wood in your home if you don’t eliminate them quickly enough. Always deal with termites before the problem gets out of hand, and as soon as you suspect that you have an infestation you should call an exterminator to deal with them. They can cause tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in just a matter of months or even faster, and dealing with them as quickly as possible is always the best solution.

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Where Do Scorpions Live?

Where Do Scorpions Live?

Scorpions are found in almost every part of the world, and there are several varieties that have made their home in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. They are very adaptable to different climates, but they often found in warmer environments.

They can be found living in freezing areas as well as some of the hottest climates in the world. Desert regions are where scorpions tend to live more than any other area, which is why you can find several varieties in Arizona. There are over 45 species in the state alone, but just one of them is particular dangerous, the Bark Scorpion.

Where Do Scorpions Live?

Scorpions need soil to live

Although the weather is not a deterrent for many varieties of scorpions, they do need soil to be able to survive. They are burrowing insects, so they dig under the surface when the weather is too hot or too cold. Deserts with soil are a perfect environment for many species. Scorpions are very adaptable to the desert because they need very little water to survive, and can get much of their water from their prey.

They are often found near construction sites

Anyone who is working near a construction site in Phoenix, AZ will need to be careful of scorpions. They are often seen near them because the tilling of the soil can disrupt their habitat where they live. Since many species are nocturnal, they are not usually seen during the daytime, but they are often seen at construction sites during all times of the day.

Know the dangerous varieties

It helps to know what the Arizona Bark Scorpion looks like in case you happen to be in an area where you can encounter them. If you are working at a construction site or walking outdoors you should be sure to wear appropriate foot protection and be aware of the fact that you are more likely to encounter them outdoors.

Contact pest control if you see them near your home

If you are finding them near your home, you should most likely call a pest control company to find out whether or not they have a nest somewhere near or inside of your home.

What is a Termite Inspection?

What is a Termite Inspection?

Are you tired of termite infestations in your house? A good termite control company can help you get rid of such pests quickly.

There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right termite control company to deal with your problem…

First of all, you need to determine whether, in fact, there are termites in your home or you have a flying ant issue.

What is a Termite Inspection?

You can do this by conducting an inspection through the best termite control companies near your area (Magic Pest Control).

A professional termite company will provide you with a detailed report after the conduction of a thorough termite inspection process in your house. The report should include the following facets:

* The areas in your house that have active termite infestations and the areas that are at potential risks of being attacked by pests sooner;

* A diagrammatic explanation of the exact locations that have been attacked by pests (for example, porches, wooden furniture sets, etc.);

* Possible treatment processes that can successfully control the termite influx in your house;

* An estimate of the total expenses involved in the termite treatment process;

A good termite company will provide you all these details.

Getting a termite control treatment done is equivalent to saving your house from a huge pest infestation danger. It would be sheer idiocy to settle down for an inferior treatment process just for the sake of saving a few extra bucks.

Also, it is good to have more than one recommendation as it helps you to compare the services of different companies to decide which one is the best fit for you…hint, it’s Magic Pest Control.

It is very important to understand what a termite control company asks you to opt for, in order to free your house from pest infestations. Apart from chemical usage, the professionals might ask you to go for termite bait processes. It might sound frivolous but they do work.

Controlling pest swarms in or around your house is very difficult. One needs to adopt a number of treatment processes to keep the menace under control. Only a professional pest control company would be able to suggest expert and efficient processes of termite control.

Magic Pest Control, located in Gilbert, Arizona, can get rid of house termites and related issues! We have the best, state-approved technicians who are well adapted in controlling pests through expert knowledge in this field.

Are Scorpions Infesting Your Home?

Finding or seeing a scorpion unexpectedly can be a scary occurrence. Your best pest prevention tactic against this nasty critter is to learn about where scorpions live, what they look like, and what you can do to keep them away from your home.

Are Scorpions Infesting Your Home?

Do I have to worry about scorpions where I live?

Possibly. Scorpions are known to prefer warmer climates (average temperature range of 68- 99 degrees Fahrenheit) though they are able to survive in most Arizona areas. They have not migrated outside of the region, but they can easily be transported in plants, flowers, shrubs or trees grown and shipped elsewhere. They can live contentedly in any location that can provide moisture, food (typically other insects) and shade.

What do scorpions look like?

Scorpions range in length from just one inch up to seven. They have four sets of two legs and a two-part body: the head and the abdomen, which includes their segmented tail. The tail works like a universal joint and is commonly curled around above the abdomen in a “C” position, though it can move in any direction. Scorpions are also recognized by the set of proportionally large pinchers at the front of their heads.

When are scorpions active?

Most types of scorpions are nocturnal, which means they hunt for food and water at night. During the day, they will find a cool, dry, sheltered location to rest until nighttime.

What should I do if I see a scorpion?

Scorpions will try to sting you if they feel threatened. Therefore, if you see a scorpion, do not try to touch or handle it. If you believe you might have scorpions in your house, take precautions and do your best to avoid them until you can bring in a pest control service. This means checking your shoes, gloves and clothes before you put them on. Shake out any folded clothes, linens, or anything else before heavy handling. At nighttime, always wear hard-soled slippers. A handheld black light can help you see any present scorpions in advance of your approach, as the scorpion’s exoskeleton contains proteins that will cause it to glow brightly under a black light.

What should I do if a scorpion stings me?

Most scorpion stings happen when a human unknowingly disturbs one, either while it’s resting or out hunting for insects to eat. A scorpion sting is hard to mistake. You would feel the pain of a sting almost instantly. Commonly, a large welt will appear. Though it can take several hours for the scorpion’s venom to affect your body, you should seek medical treatment at an emergency room or doctor’s office immediately, especially if a child is stung.

How do I know if I have a scorpion infestation?

If you live in a warm, dry climate and have seen more than one scorpion a month or think you might be seeing both juvenile and adult scorpions, you may have an active infestation near or inside your home. It is possible that the scorpions are nesting outside but coming inside the house in search of water or shelter.

To control the scorpions, you can try home remedies like glue traps, bug zappers or pest control sprays designed by Local Pest Control Company specifically for scorpions. You will also want to make sure to check your home for small cracks or openings (as small as 1/16 of an inch). Treat and seal any openings you find. Pest control treatments designed for outdoor use should be utilized to prevent the pests from living around your home.

There are many types of pest control and pest prevention products available, including green pest control products, for household use. You want to make sure you get the right product, contact us (Local Pest Control Company,Gilbert, Arizona). WE will respond back to you and offer an effective long lasting solution.

However, since scorpion stings can be painful and potentially dangerous, contacting local pest pest control company is recommended. We will administer the specific types of pest control that should be used for your individual situation. We have the equipment, safety gear and pest control products needed to keep you and your household safe. Further, we will provide an appropriate pest control prevention program to help prevent scorpions from living or nesting around your house.

Have Scorpions? Call Now: 480-654-5888

Everything You Need to Know About Scorpion Season in Arizona

Everything You Need to Know About Scorpion Season in Arizona

Scorpions are rampant creatures in Gilbert, Arizona. You no doubt have seen one crawling around your home…

You may have even seen one crawling on your living room wall. This goes to show that scorpion season is here.

As part of the arachnid family, scorpions are creatures that have been in existence for a long period of time.

Everything You Need to Know About Scorpion Season in Arizona

Due to their ability to adjust, the creatures thrive as well in sub-zero temperatures as they do in warm temperate regions. Scorpion season often runs from as early as March all the way to October. This is when all types of scorpions are rampant in Arizona.

However, Bark scorpions are often in existence throughout the year in this region.

The following tips will ensure that the scorpions from your neighbor’s yard, blocked fences or greenbelt areas stay at bay:

1. Get rid of outdoor harborages

Piling trash or even firewood on the ground, outside your home during scorpion season gives scorpions a good breeding area. Harborages also include stones or piles of landscape timbers. This is because scorpions often find comfort on these piles and they may choose to nest right next to your house.

2.Seal all open entry points and repair fixtures

Scorpions are known to use windows, pipes, and even doors to enter the house. In order to ensure that you are on the safe side in scorpion season months, keep these openings sealed.

Sealing entry points also go hand in hand with filling cracks in the wall, driveways or any cover holes that may be a leeway for the entrance of these creatures.

3. Trim all overhanging branches

While you may like the shade that overhanging branches provide, they also enable scorpions’ access to roofs which will consequently allow the creatures to easily crawl into the house. Trimming these branches will enable you to decrease the chances of scorpions around you.

4. Use residual insecticides

Residual insecticides should be applied around potential entry points such as walls or windows in order for the creatures to be eliminated once they penetrate the home in scorpion season months.

During scorpion season, you can also choose to hunt for these creatures. When they are most active at night, you can grab a flashlight and a tool that you can use to kill them such as a long knife. Although this method is least resorted to, it also works!

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The Six Steps to Treating a Scorpion Sting

The Six Steps to Treating a Scorpion Sting

In Gilbert, Arizona and throughout the southwestern United States scorpion stings are a painful reminder to remain watchful for this pest. Humans come in contact with this desert dweller as it seeks cool, dry spots to locate food, or nest.

For those allergic to scorpion stings, it’s necessary to have immediate treatment with prescription epinephrine, or reach emergency help quickly.

The Six Steps to Treating a Scorpion Sting

A healthy adult or child who is stung is not usually in danger.

This six step treatment that can be performed at home helps in reducing the pain, and preventing infection.

Step One: Stay Calm

Remain calm, quiet and as still as possible to prevent the poison from the scorpion sting from spreading beyond the wound site.

Step Two: Clean the Wound

Clean the wound with soap and water. A gentle soap is preferable especially for children. It’s not necessary to use alcohol or an astringent skin cleanser on the wound as this will increase the pain, and can actually slow the healing process. Rinse the skin around the wound in cool water, then as lightly as possible apply the soap, and pat the area dry with a clean towel.

Step Three: Use a Cold Compress

Apply a cold compress to the area around the scorpion sting. A compress will work best if applied with two hours of the scorpion sting. It is not necessary to hold the compress tightly on the wounded area. The ice will ease pain and slow down the venom’s spread.

Step Four: Keep the Wound Above the Heart

If possible, keep the limb the scorpion stung raised to the level of the victim’s heart. This can often be accomplished with the use of pillows or soft cushions.

Step Five: Watch for Signs of Allergic Reaction

After a sting many people will panic due to the sudden pain. This can cause trouble swallowing or breathing. If the victim of the scorpion stings is having difficulty swallowing, he or she should avoid drinking fluids or eating. If difficulty swallowing, or trouble breathing continues after the initial emotional shock of being stung the individual should be transported to a doctor or emergency medical facility as this could indicate an diagnosed allergy.

Step Six: Reducing Pain

Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen, or a child’s pain tablet for those under twelve, will help in reducing the discomfort of a scorpion sting. Pain medications containing a narcotic can suppress breathing, and should be avoided. A healthy individual will see a lessening of symptoms within a few hours.

Do you have scorpions in your home or on your property? Call us now: 480-654-5888

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Treating Your Gilbert Home Against Bees

Treating Your Gilbert Home Against Bees

There are a ton of great reasons to keep bees away from your Gilbert, AZ home.

Sure, bees are great for the environment. However, they also can sting and put you and any visitors or family members in a lot of pain. Some bee stings can be even more harmful, especially if a person who is stung is allergic to bee stings.

Treating Your Gilbert Home Against Bees

Since Africanized Honey Bees are especially popular in the region, it’s really important to prevent bees from settling into your home or yard as a colony. Colonies can have several tens of thousands of the dangerous pests in them, and the swarms can be frightening and disturbing. Keep them from making a colony by:

#1 Sealing Off Nesting Places

For a colony to move in on your property, they have to have somewhere to move in to. Bees tend to look for places where they can hide out and form hives. Empty pots, holes in branches, cracks in the walls or roof, and even dugout holes in the yard are all popular places for bees to call home. During bee season (which is March-August) do your best to seal off spaces like these. Use caulk to seal cracks and wood or dirt to fill in holes, pots, and other exposed hide places.

#2 Restricting Water Access Around Your Gilbert Home

Bees consume pollen and water to survive. You can’t (and shouldn’t) get rid of your flowers and plants, though. People actually need bees because of their role in the ecosystem, so you want to redirect them from the yard, not deprive them of convenient, natural food. Water access, however, encourages bees to make their home very close by.

If you have pools of water exposed in a pond or pool, you are basically inviting bees in. Leaky faucets with constant puddles beneath them and other pots or buckets outside collecting fluid are all attractive as well. Keep this covered as much as possible.

#3 Calling for Backup

Don’t try to remove colonies of bees or hives yourself once they have moved in. This can be dangerous and should be left to professionals who know how to handle Gilbert, AZ bee infestations properly.

If you, or your neighbor, has bees, don’t wait to see what they do. Many times, they are moving from a previous location to right there…within the beams and eaves of you or your neighbor’s Gilbert home. This is dangerous, both to your community, your pets and your family, but also for the bees.

Call us today if you have bees in your neighborhood: 480-654-4888.

How To Hire The Best Gilbert Pest Control Company

How To Hire The Best Gilbert Pest Control Company

Professional pest control companies here in Gilbert, AZ work methodically and dedicatedly to make your home pest free.

The moment you get in touch with a reputed termite tubes control service in your area, you get the peace of mind that the problem would be dealt with most efficiently. However, you must make sure that you contact the right company to receive the most competent services.

How To Hire The Best Gilbert Pest Control Company

Some of the basic factors that help in determining the level of competence a company is capable of working with include:

Experience: It is important that the company you hire must have adequate experience in the field of pest control. With experience comes the knowledge and expertise to deal with a problem better and to ensure a flawless accomplishment of the job.

Trained Staff: The people who would be working in your home trying to restore it back to its clean and hygienic state must be appropriately trained, experienced and certified to ensure meticulous execution of the pest control project. Hence, it is important that you select a company employing only those who have extensive training in the industry.

Up-to-date Services: The process of pest extermination has made remarkable advancements over the years. New and advanced techniques have replaced old traditional methods. It is important therefore that the Gilbert pest control company you hire must keep themselves updated on the latest termite control methods to ensure meticulous extermination.

Reputation: Reputation is one of the most significant factors that need to be checked and verified before hiring the services of a termite control company. Study the market well and make necessary inquiries to obtain detailed information about the kind of reputation a particular service provider has earned for themselves.

Once you make your selection regarding a termite tubes control service, it is important that you know exactly what to expect from them. Setting the right expectations helps you to prepare yourself for the kind of services you are supposed to look for in a company, thereby avoiding unnecessary disappointments.

Here are some of the significant ways they help people live in a house that’s free of pests:

Pest Inspection: It is always wise to take necessary precautions even before the problem has struck. Reputed Gilbert termite control companies perform a thorough and meticulous inspection of your home to detect any possibility of a pest attack. When purchasing a new home, the termite tubes pest inspection involves identifying any signs of previous treatments. This helps in knowing if the house has ever been infested with pests.

Anti-Pest Treatments: Experienced and trusted pest control companies can not only ensure meticulous inspection and flawless extermination but are also knowledgeable enough to provide effective anti-pest treatments in your home to prevent pest infestation again in the future.


The secret to efficient termite tubes extermination lies in the implementation of right treatments and techniques. And that requires appropriate knowledge, experience and training that can only be expected from professional pest control services.


Call Magic Pest Control Today for the Best Termite Control Services…don’t forget to ask about our coupons and current specials… (480) 654-5888

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