Termite Inspection Gilbert AZ

Termite Inspection Gilbert AZ Free always has a nice ring to it.  Who doesn’t like getting things for free.  Too often businesses make it difficult for you to start doing business with them.  The consumer needs to have a tremendous amount of trust to get an evaluation from a pest control technician.  It’s typical to […]

Termite Control Chandler AZ

Termite Control Chandler AZ The first sign of a termite problem that most home owners will notice are termite dirt tubes. The colony is usually pretty well established before the termites put these tubes down in a noticeable place.  The problem is that they build them very quickly.  So the chances of noticing these tubes […]

Termite Control Chandler

HOA Pest Control Gilbert, Phoenix Metro

Termite Control Chandler If you’re looking for Termite Control in Chandler you should consider Magic Pest Control. Magic pest control has been serving Chandler for over 30 years and we’re proud of our communities.  We care for HOA’s and homes like they were our own.  We take special care with each client to ensure that […]

Gilbert AZ Pest Control

Bird Control Gilbert, Phoenix Metro

Gilbert AZ Pest Control Gilbert is home to many pests common to Arizona.  Among them are birds, scorpions, termites, cockroaches, rats, spiders, bees, bed bugs, and ants.  Each pest requires the pest control technician to have a specific understanding of the habitat, life-cycle, and biology.  The greater the understanding, the more thorough the pest control. […]